Playing EPIC in 28mm.

Tuesday, 28 September 2021


 So, there's this:


Which is fine; a very modest group of Black Templars and a dreadnaught.  Plus the obligatory rules and lore update, which, let's face it, isn't going to deviate too far from the existing.

Regular readers will know that Devos IV started in 5Ed and has been more or less played in 5Ed since then.  

And now apparently my FW account has disappeared; I'm supposed to create a 'Warhammer!' account.  A small thing, but I liked my FW account, I liked scrolling back through the orders and seeing the long term project take shape over the years.  And be embarrassed by the amounts I've blown on the resin crack over the years.  

I've tried to use the FW website over the last few days and I've not been able to navigate to any page other than the one I started on.  Maybe the firefox ad-blocker, maybe it's just not working properly now unless you're signed into your new 'Warhammer!' account.  It doesn't really matter, I'm not going to find a way around the problem because reasons.  But things like the FW phone line, as used by all us FW customers for twenty years to get things sorted and place the occasional order during a lunchbreak has now just gone.  poof.  And no, live chat is no substitute, there is nothing in writing that can convey the sarcasm or vitriol in someone's voice. 

And there's the takedown of the independent hobby animators youtube channels and their replacement with 'Warhammer Plus' which appears to be, and it's only my opinion, check it out for yourself, shite by comparison.  'Warhammer Plus' does appear to be nothing more than an advertising tool to which the customer has to pay a subscription.  

And that takes me back to posts by the likes of Admiral Drax and others who, over the years, commented that they felt that WH40K wasn't for them any more.  Well, I'm now at the point where I'm not just 'not the target audience' but that my hobby is just not being supported anymore.  

This is fine, change is usual etc.  But yes, it does hurt a bit when the message you're getting is despite the investment over decades, they're not even going to support my hobby in any form of legacy product(s).  It must be like being WHFB player when they decided to just blow up the Old World and do away with all those decades of world building.  Oh well.  

Does this mean the end of Devos IV ?  Nah.  Like those still fielding Norse, Kislev and Nippon armies on the battlefields of the Old World, I'll keep going for the time being; back to the Inquisition next week. 

"Oh Zzzzzz ! you sad old duffer, can you see no joy in the future ?" I hear you cry, from all over the globe.  Well, there's 3D printing.  It's going to be the future of the hobby and it turns out that Mr Lee will resin print little men (for those not in the know, plastic (FDM) printers are ok for vehicles and terrain, but actual little men need to be in resin).  So it's fairly easy to see that other games systems will gradually erode GWs market share if they're not careful.  And I don't think that taking over the world and/or chucking out cease and desist orders like confetti is any sort of long term strategy for success.  It may take a couple more years, but we're already seeing the beginning of the new model for GW. 

Tuesday, 21 September 2021

Agents of the Inquisition 11 - the Devos IV delegation


This is a form of love letter to Neverness.  In a manly, wholesome, Chapter Approved sort of way.  You may be aware that he has recently done a month of gently encouraging other bloggers to make and paint an inquisitor.  There are some really good ones there.  

What you can see here is 25% of the strength of the Inquisitorial strength of the Conclave of Dinterra Minor.  As detailed elsewhere, the conclave voted to send a substantial delegation to Devos IV to oversee the conduct of the war.  

 As Inso used to say 'Click the Pic !' 

Their agreed signifier here is black hat or hood.  Their leader, in the way that leaders do, is currently deviating from this previously agreed protocol, but she would argue that is her prerogative...

There are twelve inquisitors there, with their collective entourages, most of which are entirely appropriate (in terms of the scale and scope of and inquisitorial entourage). 

You can see the Inquisitor in the gold terminator armour who has positioned himself dead centre of the scene, albeit behind the Lady Inquistrix who is actually in charge.  His name is Hallas Blingnor and as you can see, rather than a normal inquisitorial retinue, he has brought seventyish Black Templars instead.  That's the type of guy he is.  

Some of these minis have been seen before, some not so.  I'll do a couple of posts with some of the more interesting characters in. 

Tuesday, 14 September 2021

Critical Threat - Zhufor the Impaler


On the Brick of Scrutiny today is Zhufor the Impaler.  Despite Khorne's avowed hatred of 'magic', he is The Gatekeeper, as you can tell by the company he keeps.  Indeed, it is by this gate that he and his entourage, as well as the Emperor's Children, have travelled to Devos IV. 
The entourage or posse or honour guard or body guard of Khornate Terminators is a formidable asset. Along with other Skulltakers (and Kharn the betrayer), they make Zhufor a major player in the siege of Xyphonica. 
They're individually the pinnacle infantry on Devos IV.  And after the Blood Pact land, the deference of the Blood Pact to Kharn and Zhufor as Khorne's chosen mean that Zhufor is able to take command of the whole renegade war effort.
Collectively, they represent a huge problem for any enemy.
And for those who end up face to face with them, they are terrifying.
These are the FW kits
Brushwork by Mr Lee.