Playing EPIC in 28mm.

Monday, 30 March 2020

Grenadier minatures Copplestone Wastelander

Dineh Nolly Chee has a reputation as a dangerous character, a ferocious fighter in the bandlands. He is a large and physically impressive.  He is fast and experienced.  Life out here is harsh and he knows well the price of wavering, hesitating or displaying weakness.

One of the things which annoys him as a hired fighter is the assumption that he can track quarry across the wastes.  He's not better than anyone else at such things.  What he can do is use his plethora of blades to excellent effect.  He's also well practiced at being intimidating; out in the wastes, ammunition is short, medical supplies are hard to come by and therefore convincing an opponent to back down rather than fight is a winning strategy. 

Dineh has a deep, sonorous singing voice and great knowledge of songs of Devos IV; the religious songs from the pilgrims visiting the shrine cities and the traditional songs of the Olong tribes of the grasslands and the wasteland clans around the San Cantor ruins.  Moreover, he understands where the music comes from and how it might be interrelated.

He is following the traditional route of the chieftain elect of his clan; that they work away from the clan as a hired gun to enrich the tribe until their predecessor ceases to chief.  At which time they take up the mantle and the next in line takes up the challenge of bringing in whatever the clan needs but cannot make, find or hunt itself. 

Sunday, 29 March 2020

Grenadier Minatures Copplestone Wastelander

Hisphurtiup of Bell is a direct male line descendant of the last hereditary ruler of San Cantor hive, hence the remains of the red robes of office, of which Hissy is perhaps unduly proud.  He can recite the names of the 14 generations of his ancestors back to the last days of the hive.  However, as a fifteenth generation wastelander, he has no idea of what happened to the hive, just that it was destroyed in a war with Orks.

He is a fair hired gun, but nothing special, although his mere presence does add a sort of melancholy righteousness to events he is involved in, owing to his false modesty and refusal to talk about his notable heritage ("Oh, if you insist..."). 

For all of his regal and upper class pretensions, Hissy is actually a vacuous, two dimensional fellow.  He's not bad, not nasty.  He's not especially clever, but not an idiot. Having said that, whilst he knows when you're talking about abstract ideas, he has no real understanding, much less any point of interest or opinion.

And those ancient ceremonial robes ?  they're only a few years older than he is, just stolen curtains from a southern grox ranch. 

Saturday, 28 March 2020

Grenadier minatures Copplestone Wastelander

Xi is an enigmatic wander of the northern badlands.  Xi speaks through the electronic box of tricks included as a part of that re-breather unit.  The net result of this is that everyone assumes that Xi is male.  No one every remembers seeing Xi without the mask on.

Xi is dab hand with the shotgun, often holding the trigger down and working the action.  Pretty good with the sword too.  As far as such things go, Xi is fairly well sought after as a wasteland hired gun.  Xi can be contacted via Fon.

Xi takes payment in paper, writing implements, printed material and medical supplies. If these things are not available, then Xi won't take the job. 

As part of a team, Xi will not do the cooking, but will stand a double watch without flagging.  No gang with Xi in it has ever been surprised in the badlands. 

Friday, 27 March 2020

Grenadier Minatures Copplestone Wastelander

This is Fon.  He is mute.  By which I mean he cannot speak, not that he is a dyslexic mutie.  He's actually plenty clever, as they say in the arid badlands north of the San Cantor ruins. 

Using that oft repaired data terminal on his back, he read and write in at least eight languages.  He has a good ear for foreign sounds and a fine mind for making those important connections.  As a polyglot mute he is a bit of rare thing.

Fon trades his facility to mediate between folks for water and hot sauce.  He's not too fond of insects and the hot sauce certainly helps when most of the food in the badlands is a little light on quality grox.

Of course, life in harshest inhabited parts of Devos IV is not without risk, as attested by his las gun and large calibre auto pistol. 

Friday, 20 March 2020

Ayatani Szpic Ogara

Szpic Ogara is a member of the Tree of Man.  However, as an itinerant preacher, he's not a member of the formal hierarchy of the church.  He does have a large informal following amongst the lay members of the church and is aware that this could possibly be dangerous for him.  As long as the hierarchy continue to follow the tennants of the church and adhere to the ways of the imperium, he's not of a mind to make trouble.

In his youth, he went from the Scola Progenium to being an Inquisitorial Storm Trooper.  With the death of Inquisitor Dweena, he took the chance to use his Scola contacts to change the direction of his life and became a Commissar for the Departmento Munitorium and spent two decades with armoured units from Vaust, drop troops from Hyrkon and engineers from Saran.

Szpic Ogara is quick witted and a harsh judge.  He is impatient with vacillation and those who fail to live up to their potential but can be emotionally and doctrinally generous to those he believes deserve it.