Playing EPIC in 28mm.

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Spartember Part One

I suspect that some of you will be familiar with Spartember, as Siph as posted here.

I don't have a large forgeworld tank to put together (sorry, Dai), but do have a couple of other models which have been hanging about for a bit and really need putting together.

The 1/35 Bradley was an impulse buy a few years ago on a rainy day, possibly when the small people were cheesing me off.  Academy kits have a decent reputation for accuracy and going together well (generally, the more detailed the scale kit, the more of a pain in the arse the build is - who'd have guessed ?).

Even as I took it off the shelf, this was going to be a Command Vehicle for a bit of one of the armies.  As things stand now, it's going to be the Blood Pact, which means 40Kificating the model as it is built.  I could build it out of the box as a US Army model; this is an attractive idea as you'd all be able to see how well I'd done.  However, it'd just get kicked about and smashed, whereas I could actually use a Blood Pact Command Vehicle.

My apologies for the glare on this picture, it's just to give you an idea of the number of pieces on the sprue.  It's an order of magnitude more complex than a GW kit, but nowhere near the recepie for tears which the Eisenkarn Mecha looked like.

But, scale models have good instructions.  Some are better than others but let's face it, if you've experienced Forge World instructions, then this sort of thing is both blissful and slightly daunting.

So all I have to do now is pull my finger out and get on with it.  I'm working Monday night but we'll see how far I can get by the end of next week.

Saturday, 9 September 2017

902 Div force multipliers

Here are a few more of my photos from the parade day.  This time, the units which are force multipliers, that is, those whose contribution increases the combat power of the whole unit in a way which is more than simply adding up the number of dice they collectively chuck down the table.  

These guys are one of the Divisional Arty's FOO teams.  The Assault Bde list also lets me declare the Sqn 2iC's tank as a FOO asset as well, so that's another one.  These guys are mostly taking cover and have all the stuff one might expect, as well as having a real sniper to go with the nine mile ones they are actually directing.

Masta Cheef met some Death Riders in a Kill Team game the other day.  A great use of Death Riders - in their recce role.  As either a screening unit or a counter attacking unit, these fast moving 2 wound wonders are great for jogging around urban areas in a way that vehicles can't at a speed that footsloggers can't match.  The 11th Uhlan Regiment sits nicely in the Divisional ORBAT.

And of course, the Field Artillery;  262 Line Regt comes complete with batteries of Thudd Guns, Heavy Mortars in its Fd Arty detachments along with a generous sprinkling of Laser Cannons and Auto Cannons as AT and Fire Support.

And here's what that corner of the someone's world of hurt looked like on the day:

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Not Work in Progress.

After a quick whiz around the garage, here is the to do list.  A lot of this is started, a lot more isn't.  And of course, this isn't a definitive list.  Where there is something already done, it's noted in green.

Mad max post apoc scavvies
Post apoc war rig
DKK rifles    Basecoated
DKK Engr, golliaths, Hades Drill Basecoated
2 DKK Engr Chimera
DKK Gren Built
DKK re-arms Need to be un-built
DKK Hvy Wpns Need to be un-built
DKK summer uniforms  A few more bits
Hrossy Yeomen  Basecoated
Jornathi grunts  Built
Meridian Infantry Coy
Delaques Built
BP BFG Crews
BP Bradley
Blood pacters Basecoated
Last thunderer
Assorted civvies & pilgrims
7 BP Half tracks
4 Esienkarn APCs
2 Lynx HQ vehicles
1 Chimera HQ vehicle
Ad mech bodies
Macrons    Need a few more bits
SAM launchers  Need a few more bits
2nd regt rebuilds
2 Chaos spawn (bones cthuloids)  built
4 Star Wars Vendettas
ARC 170 fighter bomber
2 Thunderhinds
=I= Gun Cutter (Millennium Falcon) Needs more work
TGG Nuns with guns  Contracted out
And an entire Space Wolf army.