Playing EPIC in 28mm.

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Wild Wind Widers of Siam Hain

So, I travelled to the wintery far north to fight Karitas. Logan Wing is an impressive looking build. He has four ickle posses of wulfgardtermies, two dakka preds and a pair of MM/HF land speeders in reserve. And a Dreadnuffink. Which really was untouchable, as you shall see....

I'm arrayed with a bunch of jet bikes and serpents and one falcon. All brittle percussive instruments vs werewolves in terminator armour. Yikes, I thought and said a silent hail mary to Fitz, the patron saint of Siam Hain. OK, so it didn't go too badly; the runepriest and his posse went down to massed SC fire from the jetbike and Vyper armarda after three rounds. The Falcon popped one pred the first turn and kept the pressure on until it went to the second speeder mid game. Two WL marched resolutely into HTH with Logan and his posse and were smashed in two rounds. (WTF ?!?! WL creamed in HTH ? Yep, I saw it with my own eyes. And wept silent internal tears).

Serpents were shot down all over the place, the Falcon was shot down and the Fire Dragons duely de-bussed. They shot Logan's posse. The guys from the Falcon toasted the Rune Preist on the other side of the table. My Autharauch Deep Struck behind the remaining Pred and imobilisied it for a round. He should have stayed there and should have just kept shooting the rear armour of the Pred. But I could have him assault the stunned dred. So I did. Autharchs cannot hit dreads in HTH (at least in that build) and the dread needed a six to touch the Autarch, so with Karitas' rolling he was fairly safe. Even surrounded by another posse of five wulfgardtermies he was chopping his way through them whilst fending off the dread as well (by the end of the game the FD were on their way across to help him).

Logan set off on a one man march into my deployment zone; he took all of my remaining firepower (including TL brightlances to the face for two complete turns) and was only stopped by last remaining scoring unit de-bussing and bladestorming him. Hurrah !

So I elected to roll for the end of the game, having had good results all day. And the game ended there and then with a serpent contesting the SW obj but with my remaining jetbikes still 12" away from my home obj.

So I lost. But my glass hammer had chomped through the Logan Wing army quite nicely. With the dragons about to rescue the Autarch and the Farseer about to chuck his singing spear at the dread, I reckon seven turns could have seen me forcing the last wuldgarfmerties off of his obj as well.

There'll be a next time Logan....

My thanks to Karitas for a great day. I hope he manages to put his pictures up at some point. I have given up on trying to kidnap him as a paint slave; Mrs K also paints so house arrest should do just fine....

Tuesday, 25 October 2011


I have had a go at another one of the Dneipr Thunderers.

These take a little more cuttin'n'shuttin' than the mid turret chimera. And I am going to have to arse about cutting slivers of plasticard to cover the gaps etc.

But despite the hit and miss nature of my conversions, I quite enjoy these as they edge towards finished.

I'm putting the Revell ATAT's together more or less out of the box for the iggies. For the Reretics and Hennigades, I considering a unit of those Star Wars walking tanks (the ugly ones) with some more 40k-ification.

Monday, 24 October 2011

Echoes in the warp

I don't know if you picked this up first hand. I've picked it up from Pathfinder. It has the pathos and sadness of Dolly Parton's "I will always love you". Perhaps.


If you havn't read it, give it a go.

Sunday, 23 October 2011

GOT vehicles

I though you might like to see a little more of the Annocenti's vehicles:

The Hunchback comes with a couple of weapon choices and two turrets to mount them on. So you could gun up a 40K one and put the proper (scale correct) weapons on the other turret for a different game system.

You could leave the hatches off the Zebu for a sleeker look. The cow catcher bull bar thingy on the front is a separate peice as well. Additionally, the model comes with pairs of extra plates for either armouring the window or just adding detail.

The wheels fit well. I stuck them on and left the models on their backs over night, and they are all square and seem more robust than resin could be. 40K figs for scale here. These models, whilst not the cheapest, are well detailed - for instance the tyre pattern on the Hunchback's wheels is crisp and realistic; they look like off road tyres where Space Marine bikes appear to have tractor tyres.

Looking forward to getting some paint on these, just to see what they look like. The Zebu will get an arbities paint job and the Hunchback will have a more generic green colourscheme, to enable it be flexed between armies.

Friday, 21 October 2011

Busy me

I've been attacking the plastic crack mountain. Partly as an attempt to actually get my DKK onto the table top but mostly as an exercise in self discipline and so on. This is two days work, not including the little ATAT, which I did about a fortnight ago.

The whiteish looking thingies are GOT vehicles from annocenti's workshop. That's a Zebu cruiser (a ride for the Adeptus Arbities [a repressor may follow one day])the blue things on top are hatches for the passengers in the rear seats (it's a coupe). The six wheeled AFV is a Hunchback. This may end up as a Bloodcoat vehicle. But it might not.

Hopefully this will show a Cadian next to the foot of the larger Revell ATAT, just to give you a sense of the scale of these things. Now, I think that it is about right for a Stormlord stand in. But I've a feeling that if I sling a warhound mega bolter under the head, the weight will make the damned thing fall over. Another thing is where to keep it....

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

No Dougal,

These ones are very small. Those ones are far away.

Actually, Fr Ted aside, this picture makes the patio look reallllly big.

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Chimera MK whatever

This is my first go at the new Chimera kit. Again, no track guards. Why on earth did they include a bull dozer blade instead of a set of track guards ? I want track guards on every one I build and a 'dozer blade on combat engineer specific models (ie about 1 in 30). Am I really alone in this ?

Nice to see that despite the plethora of new options, the flash suppresor for the multi laser is still enormously oversized. And the HB option has only one HB; unless it's being built for fluftastic reasons, it's possibly completely redundant.

Having said all of that, excepting the skull and banner on the side, I like the kit and it goes together easily enough. Of course, the old kit went together as easily anyway. And the back door opened.

Monday, 17 October 2011

Star Wars !

I thought that the Brigade HQ could do with a ride. It's actually only chimera sized; it's just a bit taller. With some comms kit stuff stuck to the back it should be OK. And I'm going to try for a Vostroyan colour scheme, using the big 'V skull' transfers from the baneblade sheet.

I was looking for the Revel kit as described here: http://devos4.blogspot.com/2010/04/star-wars-counts-as-superheavy.html But of course, with no new (or re-release) star wars filums out for a few years now, the kit is OOP. The Revel kit is bigger and will make a lovely troop transport.

You might not be able to make them out, but the SW blasters have been replaced by IG autocannons.