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Thursday, 19 May 2022

'Blue' DKK vehicle fleet.

 Well.  This is it.  One Zug of three Panzers.  

I have plans...

Thursday, 12 May 2022

DKK Vehicle Fleet WIP Update

All the same stuff
As you can see
Now with brown added to the camoflauge pattern. 
On the Macharius
And the Griffins
And the Chimerae
I do love these Chimerae.

And the Fuchs.  Interesting that the Army Painter DunkelGreb (the kakhi base colour for the camoflauge) is much more yellow than the Tamiya on the older vehicles.  It doesn't matter, once the pin wash, filters and weathering are on, they'll be much more homogenous with the rest of the fleet.  

And you cannot have failed to notice the increased interweb traffic about the Horus Heresy (if you havn't, it looks like GW are going to issue all of the FW Horus Heresey stuff in plastic, so leaving FW doing Titans, at least until they can afford the tooling to do them in plastic [when I say afford, I mean without effecting anyone's dividends or bonuses, of couurse}).

There's a little widget to see which of the eighteen original legions you might be.  It turns out I'm a World Eater.  Who knew ? 



Thursday, 5 May 2022

Troops Choice thought excersize 1

So take a look at the table there.  163 wounds, all up.  I thought to myself, I'll do a single maximum sized platoon with the Camo Guard and see where I get.  Let's see: There's a Commissar, part of the Troops choice entry from the army list. One. 
Platoon Command Squad.  The Platoon Commander and his fourman team.  I went for medic, vox, standard and redshirt because this is the Imperial Guard and who wouldn't ?   It's not important, we're just seeing how many bodies we can get in here. Five. Total of six so far.
Five HW squads of three teams. Thirty.  Total of Thirty Six so far.
Five rifle squads.  Fifty.  Total of Eighty Six so far.
Two SWS.  Twelve. Total of Ninty Eight so far.
Conscripts (this is where I ran out of suitable Camo Guard, welcome to the line troops of the Cadian 24th to help out).  Fifty.  So a total of 148 from the single entry.  They could be joined by another commissar and priest from elsewhere in the army list to give a single troops choice with 150 wounds. 
So there would be two of these, obviously.  Three hundred wounds in two troops choices, assuming that points weren't important.  There's something to cogitate on.  All las guns and mortars could make it a low points cost option and rely on Mathammer to overcome an opponent based on critical mass. 
Alternatively, this is also a troops choice; ten veterans: Harker, three sniper rifles and an autocannon for a more effective (than a normal IG squad) long range firebase.  

Of course a real army list needs a little more synergy.  But it is something I like to mull over on occasion. 

 Obviously when I say 'Imperial Guard Codex', I mean Imperial Guard Codex.  As pictured below.  If you're thinking of something which says anything other than Imperial Guard on the cover, then you to stetp outside and flog yourself with stinging nettles until you come to your senses. 


Thursday, 28 April 2022

DKK vehicle fleet WIP

Of course the vehicle fleet was finished years ago and absolutely did not need any more vehciles.  Mostly because a lot of this stuff was sat in boxes for years. 
So Admiral Drax popped up and helped throw a couple more models together.
The Macharius.  Because it's still not finished.
The Hades Drill, which is finished, just not put away yet.
The six Griffins.  These are all Models and Minis kits, with the exception of the track units, which are Chimera tracks from 2012.  Defence Procurement schedules haven't moved on much in the M41.
And another Zug of mid turret Chimerae.  All the others (seventeen) were chopped by me in 2009ish; these actually have Blood'n'skullz Capricorn hulls with FW autocannon turrets.  I think the autocannon turrets are now discontinued, like a lot of the kool FW stuff.
And the revell 1/35 Fuchs.  There will eventually be three, this is the second.  They are for the QMs and their retinue(s).  And of course a lot of space for items recovered from fallen guardsmen.
So, that's it for the minute.  More progress soon.

Thursday, 21 April 2022

Better picts of the Helgans.

 I did mention that I would try to get better picts of the Helgans, so here they are on a nice day, formed up in front of the Brick of Scrutiny.

Command Squad with fearsome unit insignia.
A couple of picts showing what they are carrying in fighting order.

Carrying Enough Stuff for a War (CESFAW)
The Command Team - Task and Purpose, as they say.
More ISTs
Three squads of eight.
Like this.
Rifle Squad 1
Rifle Squad 2
Rifle Squad 3
Rifle Squad 4
Rifle Squad 5.  There are SSW (Hvy Stubbers and Grenade Launchers) in each squad.
The Command Squad at the front.

The whole platoon.  Five rifle squads and three IST teams.  A useful addition to the line up. 

Sunday, 3 April 2022

Some of the Inquisitorial vehicle fleet



The overly obvious black and red ones, the ones which scream "the Inquisition is here !", venerable mobile armoured shrines to the Imperial creed.  Paint by PirateVikingPainting.