Playing EPIC in 28mm.

Friday 21 June 2024

Amarillo Pattern LeMan Russ

As shown a couple of posts ago.
This is the same two tanks with their basecoat on.
With a unified colour on the model, they look more homogenous. 
I'm liking this look, these are turning out as imagined.


Saturday 15 June 2024

Tiny Leg Ends DKK sappers

You'll recall me mentioning that Tiny Legends also produced a DKK Engineer kit.  This is half of the kit put on to Anvil bodies.
All of the comments and observations I made about the Grenadier kit hold true here as well. 
This guy is digging with his entrenching tool. There are other possible arms with axes and picks and hands with shovels. 
Having said all of that, there are weapon options and I've of course chosen the revolver action shotgun. 
There's plenty of actual engineer kit as well. 
And these Anvil bodies, "Gorka Suit Bodies" have the knee pads and plenty of belt kit.  It may not come out in the picts, but the PLCE has stabilisation straps as well.  Excellent work, Anvil, beautifully done.
And the match between the kit and the bodies is great.

 Five more to do

Friday 7 June 2024

Amarillo Pattern LeMan Russ varients

Comptroller Bellormus' standard indents into Departmento Munitorium supply lines have secured some armour which was already earmarked for the DKK.
These are LeMan Russ varients supplied by a Styrgies VII statalite forge.  The Amarillo statalite forge is renowned for the high quality of it's products, however, the forgemaster suffers from ill health so productivity is sometimes not what it could be.
These have Styrgies VII equivalents to Mars Alpha hulls.  These bigger engines and generator units enable the further modifications which allow varient weapon loads without sacrificing mobility. 
The Amarillo pattern turrets have a large bustle which, in the vehicles supplied to Devos IV, either capacitor/battery banks for the Anhilator las cannons or ammunition storage for the Predator cannon.
The varients supplied to Devos IV are Predators with Heavy Bolter sponsons and hull mounted Heavy Bolter. 
And the Anhilators with hull and sponson mounted las cannons.  The unusual, increased capacity allowed by the larger hull and turret.

Another two of each to build !

Sunday 2 June 2024

Book Reviews 'n'such

This was generously loaned to me by Admiral Drax, when I saw him last in the flesh.  It's two soft cover volumes in a slip case with interviews with some of the key people from the early years of GW, starting in Sunbeam Road.  A lot of it seems to be almost the transcripts of podcast episodes, but I might have been imagining things.
The interviewers are two of the protagonists of the time anyway, so it really is a whole load of old people trying to remember things together (I have a lot of sympathy with that) and some interesting anecdotes of where some of the more interesting ideas ("Mad Shit") might have come from.  I'm not going to buy my own copy, but it's well worth sticking your nose in if you come across it on a friends coffee table.
Dave Taylor did a book called Armies, Legions and Hordes which is absolutely fab.  Love that book.  It's success obviously got his over creative mind bubbling away again and to prevent his pot boiling over, he came up with another jolly wheeze - get artists he likes to layout some content in a coherent manner and he'll publish the books.
Now, to be fair, the people he's spoken to are all top notch artists.  And the books are produced in batches of three (why not ?) and done through Kickstarter.  So if you sign on, you can get your set in a slipcase.
The backs of the three slipcases for the first nine books/artists are here, if you want you can click the pick (thanks Inso) and it'll give you a flavour of what's inside.  Some of them I've looked at once, some of them I keep going back to.  And then I drift off and want to give up work and just finish Devos IV and stuff. 
The front cover.  These are possibly not the most affordable thing ever.  And I'd hate to recommend one just in case someone bought it and then didn't like it.  But there's a fourth one coming (volumes 10 to 12) and yeah, seeing who is featured, I'm in again.  I can stop any time I like though.
Just 'effin' stop Dave, you're killing me.
This is also a KS related book, Carbon Grey.  It's an Alt History of a very early twentieth centuary Europe.  They did a whole game system with minis and everything.  There's possibly copies of the game stuff and the fluff stuff on ebay or Noble Knight Games now, as it's a couple of years old.

 I found it quite entertaining in it's own right.  The layout, storyboarding and so on match the pacing and narrarive well enough.  There are little bits I can pinch and slide into my games background, which is what I got it for.  

I hope that someone out there found this interesting.  Back to minis next time.

Friday 24 May 2024

Additional combatants for the Ecclesiasty

On the BoS today are some Cawdor Gangers ("My answer is in my sword, thou bloodier Villian !")

This is ganger with an Anvil hooded head and an Anvil priest body with a Cawdor head and plastic DKK Flamer.  S'kinda where it's gonna go when the Iggies figure out that they cannot actually cover the entire outside perimeter of Xyphonica in depth and reluctantly let the Frateris Militia cover some of the lines. 


Two Anvil preists.  Because someone has to deliver some direcction here, otherwise there'd be chaos.  (lack of organisation and control type chaos, not tentacles and too many teeth chaos).  

And just in case you weren't aware, Simon over at Fort Wargame is doing a 24hr paintathon so he gets to paint stuff and raise funds for charity as well.  


Friday 17 May 2024

Techno Barbarian Crusader

He's got the war club and shield from a Saurian which was a free give away model from Banbury GW a while ago.  Those feathers are a plant from someone's scenic base.  And the Crusader helm with the eye peice is resin, so it's an aftermarket peice from somewhere.  The backpack is a white metal pig iron item.

 ...And all becuase if anywhere needs random heavily armoured people of unknown disposition with power weapons and shields, it's Devos IV. 

Sunday 12 May 2024

Tiny Leg Ends DKK grenadier conversions

It is a sad fact of existance that things wear out, that stuff that used to be part of the fabric of our lives, Woolworths, stable government, peace in Europe, road bridges in the USA, all eventually disappear, leaving us wondering where we could possibly buy pick'n'mix, 45 singles and ironing boards in the same shop.

On the Brick of Scrutiny today: 

Most of my DKK was bought, over the phone, during a break in a clients rest area in about 2008.  Come about 2020 people on the interwebs were a bit vocal about the non-availability of some of the DKK range (whilst utterly oblivious to the disposition of the Tallarn and Elylisian model lines).   It's not that FW didn't want to to stop making them, but those moulds must of given up the ghost.  So ignoring that FW has been folded back into GW for a minute, the advent of the plastic DKK Kill Team box set reignited interest in the whole DKK catalouge.  

Into this breach steps a guy in Estonia, one man banding a conversion set, to let you change your Kill Team into a Grenadier squad.  "Ha," I hear you say, "Zzzzz, I see where this is going, you don't really need any more minis at all, you're right outta space to keep them in, you never build them all anyway and then you just twine on about the amount...  What ?  already ?!?!"


You're quite correct gentle reader.  But yeah, I did.  Bite me. 

The website is pretty good, the kit you get is crisp, complete and competantly thought out and modelled.  There are little guides as to which of your new sets of arms and heads will match which bodies.  Once you get around that, it makes sense enough to use the kit properly.  The armour bits are at the limit of current resin technology.  If you look hard, even some of the filter/power backpacks are for the left handed variants.  You are not going to notice in a game if someone has used the wrong one, it's only noticable if you pick 'em up and look hard.  These kits are great 10/10, would recommend.  

As well as a rough rider to Death Rider kit, he does Engineer kits as well.  Obvs FW's DKK moulds had all given up around the same, except the Line Infantry ones, which, producing more models, had been refreshed some time before, which is why they're still going at the minute.  It says quite clearly on the website that for the engineer kits, you might a result you like better, using the new Cadian box.  So Tiny Leg Ends is paying attention to aesthetics and technical compatability with the kits, which must be harder than concentrating on one of these aspects alone.  Kudos to such a craftsman.