Playing EPIC in 28mm.

Tuesday, 27 November 2018

Kitbashed ISTs/shotgun vets.

These are Anvil Unity Council Marine legs, armoured shooting arms with a selection of phase carbines (Hotshot las-guns) and shotguns.  All of this confectionery held together with FW hazardous Canadians.

They have had more work on since this, including rural basing, as opposed to my usual grey rubble.  Don't know why, just a whim.

I like the look of them, there are some hoses or cables which do trail off and have no further connections once they go past someone's armpit, but compared to the sculpting and casting sins of yesteryear, that doesn't look so bad.  Not enough to warrant the likes of me monkeying about with Anvil and FW's work. 

And these guys generally look like know what they are (supposed to be) doing.  So that's a win.

These get lenses, weapon coloured weapons and some spotty three coloured camouflage before a gentle wash to unify the camo colours. 

They've already got mud and flock bases.  It may be time for the odd strand of static grass...

Friday, 23 November 2018

Stormblade Progress

As with the Macharius, I managed to put a little time in on the Stormblade.  I had a couple of days off sick - my delightful children had given me a sore throat, the type that progresses to a dry hacking cough which ruins sleep and renders one ineffective at most things.  But those one or two hours of functionality can reap a small commiseration prize.

The original call sign P20 was eventually declared BLR* and the hulk backloaded to be shipped to some Emperor forsaken armoury world somewhere it would be stripped down to the bare hull and rebuilt.  It's likely that some of the working parts (which kept failing) were hundreds of years old before it came to Devos IV.  The 10th Hvy Pz Abt has received its replacement asset; a Stormblade.

Kapitan Merkall has decided to make J5 her command tank.  It is entirely likely some one higher up the chain of command will decide to make it their command tank, however, until that happens, Kapt Merkall has the honour of commanding the only true superheavy DKK tank on Devos IV. 

Like the other tank (the Macharius) this has yet to much more in the way of weathering than a rather heavy pinwash.  Although there has been a bit of effort to make the back end look rusty, sooty, oily and dusty all at the same time.  The crew access ladder can go back on when it's looking a bit more worn

Tuesday, 20 November 2018

Macarius Progress

Welcome back to the marshalling yards of Acre, where arriving IG assets are received dirtside and prepared before being shipped trans oceanic to the front.  This is assembled, basecoated, camouflaged, pin washed and then the first stages of weathering applied.  

S9 is a replacement tank.  P10 was destroyed by a rebel T65 strike fighter out on the prairie in a sneak attack during the build up for Operation Dragonfire.  Unterofficer Ravell and S9 restore the 10th Hvy Pz Abt attached to the 19th Armd Regt to one callsign.  Previously the 'Heavy tank company' had been Lucius pattern vanquishers.  Formidable assets themselves, nonetheless the general feeling is that the Macharius is a more suitable weapon to fill out a 'Heavy' tank company.

There's more mud to come and a bit of tarting up.  Crew members, a driver's hatch section which keeps falling off.  heat discoloration on the flamers and maybe some stowage.  Chipping as well, don't forget the wear and tear.

Saturday, 10 November 2018

Progress !

So I had a bit of time and I put the Stormblade together. It's a nice kit which is not too hard to put together.  

In fact the most pain in the butt thing is the way the floating wheel at the back wobbles about when you're assembling any Arkurian Baneblade chassis. 

And the Macharius.  The port side is a Macharius part, with the sponson in the correct place.  

Someone somewhere has a Crassus with a Macharius starboard side piece.  It's a genuine part, but the panels on the Crassus part are not as pronounced as those on the Macharius and are in different places.  

Which is what this pict shows.  The previous owner (careful, FSH, one lady owner) had smoothed off a little of the detail to fit the sponson to the vehicle.  But this position is way too far back towards the rear.  That sponson has to move forward. 

It wouldn't sit without a little more flattening out of the detail.  a couple of minutes with the dremel and we're good to go.  Am I worried about the apparent level of carnage done to this expensive and detailed FW model ?  Nope, I'm gonna glue a sponson over it and the paint and weathering are going to hide any overspill. 

Thursday, 11 October 2018

Cathedral & Scenery stuff for your delectation.

So looking around for things to make the Basilica project easier, I found these two:  I really, really like the archways on the Raging Heroes kits.  But the kit is printed cardboard, which would be fine on it's own, However, the rest of my scenery is hard plastic, so it just wouldn't match. 

So I'm looking at my existing bits and exploring ideas for materials from Wickes.

But both of these look great


Inside the Cathedral, the Pulpit of High Command


Friday, 5 October 2018

Oooooh Massive Occasion

Well, I made 50.  This was the best card:

Mrs Z finally relented and bought me a hobby related present !  Now, I didn't ask for a Warlord, but did put a Reaver on the list, just to see what happened.  What I actually got is an Arkurian StormLord, so happy with that !

And I had a look around the internet to see what else there is.  So there's stuff out there to spend my birthday money on (yes, even at the age of 50, birthday money appears !)

This looks like just the thing for my long-planned basillica:

The new statues in the new 40K/munda/KT scenery look the biz too, there's this:

Image result for sector imperialis sanctum

And of course this:

Image result for Sector Imperialis Basilicanum

Of course, I've believe that there are enough raw materials in the garage to build the shell, I'm just after the statues...

Tuesday, 2 October 2018

Defenders of freedom, truth and justice.

The Gallant Col Ackland had more or less triumphed over the filthy heretics (although was in danger of getting his head stoved in by Ogryn at one point).  It was Sunday: the Sweden resident Australian had to fly to Switzerland Montag morning, we had time to array the forces defending Devos IV. 

That's a trio of turreted Laser Destroyers in front of Belligera Rex.  It transpires that Col Ackland has a warhound which he's converted to reflect it's allegiance to the six armed emperor.  He ought to blog that, even if it's WIP.

The armoured spearhead of the Emperor's Children, cause who doesn't like purple tanks ?  Those defilers need a bit of love, though. 

Blood pact nearest us, note the Terror Bird Death Riders at the back with the 2ed Sentinels.  Then the Devos IV PDF 2nd Regt (La Guardia Presedentiale), a row of Chimera which also need a bit of love, a column of the lost and the damned (World Eaters, Beast Men, Warpsmiths from 'The Cleaved' and their plague zombie/automata). 

The Storm Lord in front of the 2nd Regt carries the modest detachment of camouflaged Veterans who are parading in front of it.  Stretching away into the distance are the PDF 13rd Mech Regt (The Tigers) who you will note don't actually have any APCs/IFVs.  And on the far side are the PDF 99th Regt (The Bloodcoats).  Who some of you will remember are the Regt Gen Horpan, Erstwhile military commander of rebel forces, comes from.  Will having two formations with similar names confuse the Imperial Guard ?  Yes, undoubtedly. 

And in case you were wondering what mighty luminary could possibly hold together such a diverse, multi-faith, cross party, collaborative, modernist organisation, look no further, Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Zhufor the Impaler, Master Butcher of Leigh on Sea.