Playing EPIC in 28mm.

Monday, 30 July 2012

300 Humpbacks (AFVs, not whales)

Dai asked how they size up next to the Chimera.  Mine wear an IG auto cannon, smoke dischargers and a searchlight because I've got them as counts as salamanders.  I suppose they could stand in for Chimerae.  If you're not playing 'friendly' games I could see someone complaining as they are a different shape and therefore must surely be easier to hide and therefore you are cheating, but I suspect such an opponent may well outright refuse to play someone who isn't using 100% GW.  (what is all this about FW suddenly being 'allowed' ?  They have always been made for the game and accompanied by 40K rules ffs.)
Another shot to compare with a Chimera.  Slimmer, longer, but more or less the same height, Including the (obviously unmanned) turret.
Showing the Green and Green scheme off.  I will eventually put another green on (there is a third green on there, but I think it's the same as the base colour and therefore more or less a shading colour so subtle only polinating insects will be able to see it).

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Incremental Progress.

The hunchbacks.  Under coated.  Humbrol acrylic grey on top, chaos black underneath.  Hoping that his provides shade for later coats.

Base coated.  Shiney in the fots as it was still wet.  Had a look at them since in it all looks very military.  Might try a little airbrush green and green camo, like the wolverines, against whom it will likely be direct competition.  Going to go with fairly nuteral colourschemes and markings on a lot of up coming vehicles, as then they can end up on either side, to balance things out a bit.

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

"on the workbench" (the curse of the butterfly mind)

Some bloggers out there do show us what they have 'on their workbench' from time to time.  Which is always interesting, providing us, the audience with a frame of reference for our own efforts.  Those who've been to DevosIV will know it's boundless wastes and limitless vistas (it's a double garage - woo-hoo !).  However, as ever, my crap expands to fill the available space.  The only things actually on the workbench are "Grant's Spectres", shown above. The rest of this stuff is scattered across time and space my garage.

These boys are another squad of flecktarn panzergrenadiers for PVP to paint.  These and their unassembled buddies have maxmini torsos to make them extra, extra special.  Sticking GW plastic to maxmini resin appears to be a little tricky, but then whoever said playing with toy soldiers was supposed to be easy ?

Flitting around the garage brings us to this project, which is a DKK armoured squadron (tank company).  If I ever feel a little bit 'meh', I open the box and bask in the rays it gives off.  Trying hard to resist starting it until the ASL armoured squadron is finished - one more troop of 3 LRMBT to go !

Devils in skirts.  The edge of the zip lock bag you can see there contains all of the Tam O'Shanter wearing heads for them.  Cadian doner bits are in the boxes under the workbench.  

Vostroyan command chimera.  Needs three las guns transplanted to each side.  The las guns are between the skirts and flecktarn bits on another table that isn't supposed to be a workbench. 

Three two Thunderer conversions.  Again, the bits for the third are in the boxes under the workbench.  Ho hum.  

Three Anocenti Humpback vehicles (counts as Salamanders). These have needed painting for months. 

On the shelf above, there are five more mid turret chimera to replace the old ones the DKK surrendered to the ASL.  I had a burst of energy and threw these together ages ago.  They need to go into the box of DKK armour once they have been lovingly base coated. 

 Ecclistical repository, from basillica bits.  Sat on top of the tumble drier.  It's been like that for about four years.
 Church from the pegasus kit.  Its been like this for three years ish.
 Sepulchre of heroes (the statue and tower-y thing are just 'there'; they are not part of it).  More unfinished terrain.
 Church-y bell tower (snipers nest) thingy.  Needs finishing.
Promethium refinary that the tower is currently balanced on.  Also never finished.

There is more stuff; dark mechanicus, a sort of chaosy walker, some Cadian medics, my DE (weeps) and some more Edlar bits; all things that I have begun and not really got anywhere with.  What I really need is a plan.  So I'm going to consider what the end point is; where I want to be with all of this.  And then work backwards.

All I have to do now is cogitate on what that end point is.  And then work out where I am now.  And then break the in-between bits down into parcels of work.  Its just like being at work (sighs and slopes off to put the kettle on). 

Monday, 16 July 2012

Very nice.

Pirate Viking Painting: Agents of the Inquisition: Greetings all, today we have another in the range of Imperial Agents that I am painting for a client. They are designed for no particular a...

Originally, the AOBR termie was in blue.  So for some reason, I had imagined the finished product would be blue, so this colourscheme was a slight surprise.  The Black/White/Red thing looks good, though.

Friday, 13 July 2012

Iron Broo

 Just in case Dai thought I was ignoring him.  Sorry about the fots, these were snatched in between storms.  These guys listened to too much thrash metal as youngsters and this is how they turned out. 
 I'm thinking of a sort of dirty albino colcour scheme for these boys, with their hotch potch of gear painted in the colourschemes of the orignial owners, just to reinforce their rapatous nature.
Dodgy non-codex wouldn't be allowed in a GT weapon options.  Well, a flamer with a CCW might.  But really, who is going to put a CCW on a flamer ?  These bad boys of course !  They are easily marine stature and are looking forward to putting 'Kill' into Kill Team.

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Dreamforge Crusader redux

This is Chas (Dave is still in his padded envelope in bits.  The Rhino command vehicle is ther for scale.  As you can see, Chas stands on his own two feet and needs no base.  The arms are such a good fit that they slot on and hang in place just fine and dandy.  The fit is really that good.  Magents smagnets.

Should've taken a picture with the arms on, sorry.  The gatling the side of a jetbike is quite impressive.

So Chas and Dave will be knight-preatorian-thingies.  Perhaps in Empire sort of colours.