Playing EPIC in 28mm.

Tuesday, 14 September 2021

Critical Threat - Zhufor the Impaler


On the Brick of Scrutiny today is Zhufor the Impaler.  Despite Khorne's avowed hatred of 'magic', he is The Gatekeeper, as you can tell by the company he keeps.  Indeed, it is by this gate that he and his entourage, as well as the Emperor's Children, have travelled to Devos IV. 
The entourage or posse or honour guard or body guard of Khornate Terminators is a formidable asset. Along with other Skulltakers (and Kharn the betrayer), they make Zhufor a major player in the siege of Xyphonica. 
They're individually the pinnacle infantry on Devos IV.  And after the Blood Pact land, the deference of the Blood Pact to Kharn and Zhufor as Khorne's chosen mean that Zhufor is able to take command of the whole renegade war effort.
Collectively, they represent a huge problem for any enemy.
And for those who end up face to face with them, they are terrifying.
These are the FW kits
Brushwork by Mr Lee.

Tuesday, 31 August 2021

Critical Threat - Khan the Betrayer

Khan was identified by savants of the Ordos Dintera Minor from witness statements of the Umbrella Factory attack
Khan led over twenty adherents of Khorne (cf "Khornate Berserkers") into the resting 1st battalion of the 1293 Hrossy Yeomanry as they pushed into the north eastern quadrant of Xyphonica.
The Chaos space marines, optimised for close combat, were able to cause a disproportionately high number of casualties before being fought off, meaning that the Hrossey Yeomen were then unable to hold their position and had to rolled out of the front line for a considerable time.
And multiple close and point blank hits by hand held plasma weapons immobilised a lot of the chimera fleet that were lagered in the factory complex.  

Paint by Colonel Scipio.

Tuesday, 24 August 2021

Major General Psikilla Radukar, Cheif of Staff, 3422 Army Group

Former commander of 2 Div, before that commander of one its Itzakhi Drop Troop regiments.
Selected by the Regent General for her Steely Resolve and his appreciation of her ability to keep her mouth shut until she had something to say.
Excellent organisational ability coupled with the tactical flair that comes with the successful command of a Drop Troop Regiment.
As well as an outrageously vicious streak.  

Brushwork by Mr Lee

Tuesday, 17 August 2021

Agents of the Inquistition 10

Survivors of a Dark Eldar reaping, these ladies were infants when their community was ravaged.  Their brothers were committed to Scholam which fed recruits directly into the Departmento Munitorium, for induction into the Imperial Guard; occasionally, depending on need and the individual, into the Commissariat or the Storm Troopers of the Hykerion Rangers.
Dissatisfied with their pre-ordained futures as veterinary assistants, they left en-masse to find a future which allowed some pay back to a hostile galaxy.
They managed to find somewhere where the submachinegun was taught as a martial art.  They all managed to achieve mastery of the firearm.  In the years since, some of them have also become proficient in other weapons.

They have managed to find themselves uniforms and elected leaders from amongst their number.
As a formed body, they've presented themselves to the Ordo Xenos as a tool to be used, a weapon to protect humanity, to take the fight to the Xenos.
They have been sent to Devos IV with the Holy Ordos mission.  There may be Eldar. 

Tuesday, 10 August 2021

Agents of the Inquisition 9

Not Imperial Guard, but personal retainers, hereditary soldiers of one specific dynasty.
Do not mistake their Askarii status for any lack of professionalism.  These men, the sons and grandsons, cousins and so for many generations, have honed their craft to a fine level.
And they are armed and equipped to be the envy of all the 'guard but the Kasarkin.  These men are also schooled in multi layering their thoughts to provide an initial level of protection against psykers.
The current scion of the Dynastic house they serve just happens to be a member of the Ordo Malleous.
It always helps when the boss enthusiastically leads from the front.  It gives them a sense of confidence as well as purpose.  

And their leader, the Inquisitor's tool, is also a formidable commander in his own right.  

All of the brushwork here was done by Pirate Viking Painting.

Thursday, 29 July 2021


 One of the more obvious consequences of recent political decisions taken here in recent years is the invalidation of the peace process in Norn Iron.

No matter that the GFA and the peace process were imperfect, nonetheless we have had a much less tense existence since 1992ish.  The basic tenant of the arrangement was that as both sides of the border were actually in the EU and therefore the rules around just about everything were the same so which side of the border one lived was not so important.  But changing the rules has picked at the scab and the wounds have re-opened.  

So browsing table top fix, I was slightly surprised at the timing of this as a release.


Whilst the game seems to be well researched, I was left wondering how the families of victims would react ? But gaming is really pretty niche and they are unlikely to learn of it's existence.  Given that there were already table top skirmish games out there when we still had boots on the ground in Iraq and Afghanistan (were still losing friends and relatives), I possibly should not be surprised.  

I know I've said before that people's hobbies are their own.  And now turning around and holding something up as, in my opinion, poor taste might seem hypocritical.  But the 'it's only a game' line is unlikely to impress those mothers, sisters, daughters, fathers, sons and brothers who are still our neighbours and colleagues.  If I remember some of the victims names, those in the province will tell you what they had for breakfast the day they were murdered. 

This is not a case of 'get over it' for those involved.  People are still being killed (by 'accident': "Sorry, we were aiming at a policeman.").  And our current government appears to not understand or care that their continued mismanagement is making things worse.

We should not pretend that these events did not happen, but turning them into a game is just going to play into the hands of those on both sides who have no interest in how clever and balanced your card game is, they will just use it as one more small piece of ammunition, one more piece of kindling in the very real idealogical bonfire of what is still part of the UK. 

Careless at the very least.

Tuesday, 13 July 2021

Unpacking DKK now that the Kill Team release has been announced

 If you read this blog with any frequency at all, you've either seen this or made a conscious decision not to watch it:


And knowing my penchant for the DKK, you could be forgiven for assuming my unbridled joy.  

So as you follow me down this particular rabbit hole, do please remember that I'm a middle aged, self aggrandising arse with an unjustifiably high opinion of my own opinions.  And we need to wed this to the fact that I'm not GWs target audience.  And if you've read this far, you probably aren't either.  

The first hurdle to unbridled joy is my own innate snobbery.  We all like it when we know a really good pub or bar and no-one else we know is aware of it.  Or we support a local team in the national game and can feel like we're more of real fan that the thousands of Man Utd fans who've never been to Manchester.  Well, for me for a long time it was the DKK; despite not being the Steel Legion I was looking for their Forge World niche-ness and resinous awkwardness were something to revel in.  I was hooked and spent a lot of money having them painted by someone who was good at it in order to revel in the Glory that was my DKK collection.  So mainstream plasticality means the end of the FW lines and the inevitability of the DKK becoming more widespread.  Just me being an old fart. harrumph.

Allegedly, the new sprue has an interesting and diverse selection of parts.  On some of the kreig FB groups some people seem to think that they can see Grenadiers.  FW haven't stocked Grenadiers for over a year and there are no grenadiers in the selection as far as I can make out, so it's not even as if you could build one in ten as Grenadiers; y'know, buy eleven boxes to build ten rifle squads and a Grenadier squad.  Of course two or three in ten (given the modular nature of the minis) might be better (?).  But I already have Grenadiers, engineers, a platoon in summer uniform, Uhlans and so on.  There's nothing here I need...

And of course the elephant in the room is that the DKK attract a lot of inappropriate attention due to their aesthetic, which is viewed by some as redolent of Nazi militarism.  This is not helped by the fact that their name is the German word for war.  It's possible that I contribute to this myself by using German unit designations and giving the character models vaguely German sounding names.  But there do seem to be some people out there who latch on to the visuals, hear the name 'Kreig', read the backstory and instantly turn all brownshirt.  I'd like to stay away from all of that but the advent of plastic Kreig is just going to ramp it up.  Maybe.

And the last thing is that the plastics are going to be bigger and chunkier than the FW resin fellas.  Of course this is not an issue, people are different sizes.  Admiral Drax is bigger than me and Mr Lee is bigger than him.  And it won't really matter on the table top as even as a player, you are normally 4' or more away and small differences are hard to spot.  And I'm not really a subscriber to the 'they're all clones' idea either.  I'm just old and resistant to change.  To be honest I'm not sure that I'm even cheesed off that they are plastic from now on.  These days a GW plastic army is possibly as expensive as my resin one was when I bought it.  It's just me being a grouch at my loss of cache.

https://i.redd.it/hqfue7zf4fa71.png Having said all of that, you're still wondering, aren't you ?  Of course I've asked Col Gravis for a box.  But only one.  for a look.  

Tuesday, 29 June 2021

Helgan reinforcements to Devos IV (three)



I had a bit of time so took a break from work and spent half an hour in the garden; they were basecoated with Wilco black satin hobby paint (surprisingly good and 1/3rd the price of GW spray cans).


Then Army Painter armour grey


Then Tamiya Panzer grey


Then Tamiya gunship grey


Lastly Tamiya ocean grey


So they fit the theme fairly well now. 


They need the obligatory glowing orange eyes


And (hopefully subtle) washes of various colours for tone, contrast and visual interest. 


Finally some actual detailing for particular items like smoke grenades and flamer nozzles.

Tuesday, 22 June 2021

Helgan reinforcements for Devos IV (two)



The previous post was about some trial models.   Which worked out OK and now there's a natural pause in the order of things (I'll explain), it was time to get these guys together.  You're looking at the back of some supporting machine gunners. 


And the front: pig iron heads, VL 'VERA' arms and bandolier torsos and VL greatcoat legs plus assorted other bits of kit.  One things these 'just assembled' picts show is the multi bitz nature of the kits.  Which is nice. 

More MG gunners, this time with the VL bren gun, a Cadian respirator head from shapeways (in clear, so you can't the detail at all here).  Some FW belt kit there. 

You can see here one guy has been given a FW DKK Heavy stubber instead of a bren gun.  Presumably the armoury had run of bren guns and gave him that because of the superficial similarities, instead of a comparable weapon system.  


Capt Meal Radic, with the hat on.  And Lt Kratek, without a mask.  Both stalwart adherents to a more extreme version of the Imperial Creed.  Led by men like these, these reinforcements will fit in well with the DKK or the Black Templars. 

Them again. 

Some picts of the riflemen, showing them loaded for a real shootin' war and armed with FW elysian rifles.

Some ye olde worlde Storm Troopers who I thought would blend in nicely.

Grenadiers.  There are only three at the moment, but the storm troopers are mostly special weapons so I'm ok with that.  For those unfamiliar with Killzone and wondering why these guys aren't organised into IG squads; all of the differing soldier types in the video game dress differently and wear different hats (literally, some helmet variations and lots of side hats and so on).  One might suppose that this makes telling them apart easier for the game developers, the gaming engine and ultimately the players as well.  Which means that I can then use bits from all over and it still all looks OK.  

There are more to do, as I alluded to earlier - I have some more bits to use - but I should get my 3D printer in a month or so; so I'm going to see what I can get out of that in the way of infantry bits before I send anymore spondulies to VL or anvil (Mad Robot are looking good too, but the postal system out of the USA is antediluvian).