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Friday, 30 April 2010

Star wars counts as superheavy

How to get the TL vulkan cannon on to this (£31.49) "storm lord":


It's 40cm long, so it might come up a smidge small next to a £60 GW Storm Lord, but there'd be no LOS issues...


  1. An interesting concept... Two separate cannons attached to the two sides of the hull maybe?
    I'd reckon some plasticarding, bitz placing and general remodeling of the walker so it doesn't look so blatantly Star Wars...

  2. John, Likewise.

    Schnitzel, yes. In place of where the SW blasters are ? I hadn't thought of that. If my Republic gunship squadron turns out ok, I might give it a go. If the model turns out to be unsuitable, it can be wrecked for scenery.