Playing EPIC in 28mm.

Monday, 14 June 2010

Random archive picture

Soviet Space was very encouraging when I played him. And he expressed the opinion that I should post images of figures. You may remember pictures of my Ulthwe force from months ago. All of the aspect warriors are basically done in their craftworld colours. So this scorpion is basically in black, with his helmet based in Khaki, then successively drybrushed with bleached bone and then white. (You cannot see from here, but his sensor mane is in purple, in line with other craftworld detailing).

And yes, all of my Ulthwe weapons are painted yellow. And all the Bel Tain ones are blue. As well as his craftwrold colours, he has been overbrushed DA green. Aspirationally, all of the Ulthwe Aspect Warriors would be similarly finished in a colour sympathetic with their shrine.

Whereas this would seem to work fairly well for Ulthwe, I don't have a plan for any Bel Tain Aspect Warriors beyond their own scorpions, who are camouflaged. Best get my thinking ghost helm on.

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