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Friday, 16 July 2010

Valkyrie Alternative.

Ok then, do you remember me showing you the two kits side by side ? I did promise a better comparison and here it begins. The main issue (problem, if you're a glass half empty person) is one of scale. This pic shows the original pilot on what's left of his seat. He and another like him go into the cockpit assembly to the right of the picture. Between is my elephant solution; two Cadian torsos with Valk crew heads. The dark bit at the back of each is the other bit of the pilot's chair(s).
Et voila; I was expecting to have to shave a little off of the bottom of each to be able to fit the canopy, but they've turned out OK. The canopy itself has more obscuring paint on it and so our armless aircrew don't really look too bad.

Sorry about the lack of focus here, but I'm hoping you get the picture, as it were. Next; on with the (snap fit) build.

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