Playing EPIC in 28mm.

Sunday, 1 August 2010


The first of the Chimerasaurs for the 13th Mech. It's a Revel 1/35th BMP2. The four of them were knocked down to £9 each so I 'ad 'em. It is an old model - the moulds were obviously worn as there was a fair amount of flashing and awful die marks. Much worse than any other Revel kit I've looked at recently. I suspect this one is now is OOP and trying to find a Revell 1/35th BMP2 will either draw a blank or get you a new (well moulded, joy to build etc)one.

It's got a hull mounted flamer. An ugly carbuncle, I know, but the WYSIWYG fiend in me won out over the other me. A sentinal ML for the turret, GW tracks and two chimera las guns - being a BMP it has moulded in firing ports in front of where the las guns are.

I've done a bit more work on the org and disposition of the Devos IV PDF as well. So all of those cadian coloured LRMBT are actually the 79th Cavalry Regiment, not actually part of the 13th Mech. So you can expect these Chimerasaurs to be in the Tigers green and yellow stripy pattern. I can't wait to start masking them up (rolls eyes).

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