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Sunday, 17 October 2010

The rhetoric of war

The following was broadcast from the Quinelle Palace in Xyphonica the morning after 17th Army Group successfully executed Operation Tranquility (seizing the Acer Starport) and before the 902nd Bde made planet fall.
“A dark fleet has settled into orbit around our world. We are under the black cloud of imminent war. Until this clear and present threat is removed, the sun will not shine on Devos IV. The Planetary Defense Force has been mobilized. The Frataris Millitia are to report for duty to their muster stations.
All citizens of Devos IV must clearly understand that whatever the issue may be, it could be resolved without off world interference. Your elected leaders exercised their legal prerogative and this has irked the uncaring imperium. The Imperium came to our rescue when were invaded by Waagh Burkatt centuries ago; A changed and uncaring Imperium now returns as invader and occupier in its own right.
Civil Defense measures will be taken, populations will be evacuated from potential target areas. No-one who does not want to will be made to fight – but all should realize that led by the Inquisition, the armies of the imperium are a merciless totalitarian killing machine with nothing in common with normal human beings. There is no guarantee of safety, no succor from their misplaced wrath.
We must defend Devos IV against invaders from outer space. Although our cities may be razed and our farms destroyed, in our hearts the people of Devos IV will always be free; We will face the coming conflict with clear consciences and resolute determination to keep what is ours free from interference of outsiders.”

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