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Wednesday, 27 July 2011

I'm still here


It's been a bit quiet here on Devos IV. I've even tidied the garage and put everything away. Work is just not giving me any hobby time at the minute. This is not to say that the whole thing has stymied as I'm still getting some army components painted.

I'm also trying not to buy anything, due to spending money getting stuff painted. But I have bought some of KR Multicase's aloominum cases to keep my precious DKK safe from being sat on or anything like that.

And I've sprayed six of the built Chimera up as ASL, so I'll be replacing those...

I have a scheme for some drop troops - Warlord Wehrmacht with Elysian weapons. And a penal unit of Empire hand gunners with Las rifles and Cadian heads; I'm hoping that these will just look 'underequipped' rather than 'ridiculous'.

And I like the faux Cadians with wargames factory heads so much I've some legs from 'let the dice decide' and will throw a few more together.

Hope you're all enjoying the summer.

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  1. For a man who hasn't had much hobby time you certainly seem to have a good few plans fermenting :)

    Its goodnsometimes to take a break anyway, stops burnout, hmm warlord Wehrmacht eh?

    The one thing I will say is that the hand gunners might look a bit more feudal than penal. Maybe try the brettonian men at arms? Like Dave tailors genswick rifles....