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Sunday, 9 September 2012

Giving up worrying.

OK.  I had tried to form my thoughts around my 40k iggies into a coherent force; not in terms of FOC, which is a meer conceit to make a game playable, but in terms of a proper ORBAT.

The issue I had was that I had constructed based on the idea of Battalion sized blocks building Brigades and thus Divisions.  The problem with this is that 40K IG Regiments are already Brigade sized.  I point you to the Taros Campaign for perhaps the best illustration of this idea.  Specialised units, airbourne, or those armour heavy, are smaller, but still bigger than the Regiments I am familiar with.  The closest fit being the DKK 19th Armd Regt in IA1.

So my carefully imagined army needs re working.  Essentially, the formations I have down as Brigades, taking into account the size of the Regiments (ie already Bde size) could be large Divisions.  So that bit is easy enough.

For me, figuring out how this army fits together, where all its component bits come from, what the reporting chain is, how it is supplied, what its Mission is, where the commanders see their scope of operations ending and so forth is actually the fun and important bit.  As I've previously discussed, the SM are for giving someone a bloody nose, when the High Lords want to win a war, they send a Guard Army.


  1. Reading Col Scipio's posts on his own IG regiment's fluff had me trying to do similar to what you've described here for the planned Guard I am (everso)slowly putting together.

    So far it's been a right headache. :)

    Good luck with your own!

  2. I'd agree with that sentiment, Marines are a strike force at beat.. more like a first strike weapon.. in the right situation they can be decisive, and that's where they should be deployed, shock and awe, lop the enemy head off.

    In more complicated theaters and long protracted actions, you need a whole slew of metal and meat.

    and man, you have a whole slew of those for sure :)

    i look forward to seeing the complete order of battle for your forces in theater ;)

  3. Yup.

    Guard are more "Shock and/or".

    And Scipio's stuff really is very thorough!

  4. Righty ho. Will track down Col Scipio and his fluff this week.