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Tuesday, 16 October 2012

2nd "Guardia Presedentiale" Inf Regt Devos IV PDF

Formerly the planetry governor's household guard, the 2nd Inf Regt was expanded in the reforms that General Horpan carried out when he returned to his home planet.  It's Battalions were spread across 1 Benq Div's Brigade Combat Teams.

Like some other Devos IV PDF units, the 2nd believes that it can trace an unbroken lineage to the Ad Mech auxillia of Devos IV's ancient history.  The regiment used to have a number of robots and servitors.  These may well have been 800 years old and were really of questionable military value, demanding huge resources for relatively low availability.   They were phased out as a part of the reforms.

One thing that has survived is that some squads throughout the regiment are armed with the fabled RTB01 pattern bolt guns.   Phenominally over complex as the ammunition feed runs from the magazine back down the receiver to the firing chamber.  The sop to 2nd Regt for the loss of the mecha is their elite status amongst the PDF, providing an honour guard for the governor whenever one is required.  Indeed, the 3rd Brigade Combat Team of 1 Div is called "The Patriots".

The Regiment has been torn apart by the rebellion; 17 Korps has 2nd Regt on its books as a part of 902rd Inf Div, along with the other units present on Devos IV at the start of the rebellion; the Cadian 144th LRRR and the Preatorian 5th.  How many of each of these units is actually left (indeed, how many remain within the emperor's light and how many, if any, are now a part of the rebellion) will surely have an impact.

Thanks to Mr Lee for the updated paint job.

Also, in other news, my Dreamforge kickstarter thingy is all done and I should get the first bits before Chrimbo.  And then some more in March and the final lot in May next year.  Although the whole lot will be embargoed by HMRC.  Such is the way of things. 


  1. Man, you do a good job on these bits of background. Really enjoyable to read.

    Got in on the Dreamforge kickstarter myself. Just one box of Stormtroopers though. After Sedition Wars and Relic Knights I had to hold back on paying out for a Mortis titan thing. :(

  2. Agree with Dai.. great background on these guys! Love how much effort you go into building them up into a storyline.. makes my daemons all the more ready to tear them down when I get to play against them :)

  3. Thanks gents.

    And I'm going make you paint tartan first, just to wear you down..... Bwa haha !

  4. That's a really cool army (and write up).
    Nice blog too!

  5. Thank you Col A, you're always welcome.

  6. Great colour scheme mate - and that squad of five is ace!