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Friday, 26 July 2013

Imperial Guard in shock GW Reprieve

This may not be news to you, on the other hand, it might be.

The entire Vostroyan line has gone back into the "main" product line for the IG (ie out of "collectors").

Also moved are the Valhallan, Mordian and ASL troops boxes.  Summitz garnon.

As usual, all pictures culled from the interweb with apologies to the owners.  You want to change to Vostroyans now, don't you ?


  1. Isn't there some move away from metal or something though or is that another rumour?

    Perhaps its to get rid of stock.

  2. Looking at the price these would appear to be (ie the ones illustrated *are*) the existing 'old' metal sets.

    I suspect that this is more to do with the codex supplements, ie that the Armageddon mini-dex we've been led to believe is in the works will have some tailored list for the IG; hence prepping the ASL line for increased sales. Maybe.

    As for plastic, whilst there has always been a lot of talk about this, given the amount of conversion stuff out there even before Kickstarter, I think that GW have no need to make any more plastic IG; Those grown ups who want an ASL army will put their hand in their pocket to get one.

  3. Groovy - I always loved the Vostroyans, and had a smallish army of 'em way back in the day. Great models!

  4. Would love a squad of Vostroyans and Valhallans for my Guard. This is great news.

  5. I did not know this until just now. I need to buy some Steel Legion now that they're back or Vostroyans...or both.