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Friday, 31 January 2014

Heavy weapon progress - Las cannon this time.

But before the heavy weapons, a few quick thank you's.  Sometime ago I did a liaison team exercise with a few people out there; flufftastically pulling bits of other people's IG armies into the Devos IV war.  I have what amounts to a slack handful of command squads, built and painted by other people for nothing more than the glory of almost certain martyrdom on a backwater agri-world.  And each of them has also let me write their regiment into my narrative, which is possibly almost more generous, dealing as it does with faith, attitude and other intangibles which I have projected onto their pride and joy.

One current project, painstakingly researched and faultlessly executed by PVP, is a collection of ne'erdowells and chinless wonders who might be found in Leviathan.  Once again, a quick email out to the interested parties has elicited help and encouragement (Oooh Mordian 7th, you are a bad man, setting the hares coursing like that), from what I have come to value as (to use modern management speak) the Devos IV campaign virtual team.  Thanks guys.   

Back to the pretend weapons for toy soldiers:

So here are six las cannon bases.  Using up all but one of my surplus tripods.  Which leaves me a number of heavy bolters that need some form of support.  I'm thinking lego bricks.  Maaybe.  Or piles of Cadian heads.  Maybe not.  Curious Constructs, can you whup summat suitable to stand a Hvy Bolter on ?  Probably a question worth asking....

Due to the vagaries of the phenomenally slap dash way I threw these together (for obvious reasons, I stuck the holes for the little men down and then the tripods, leaving the battery pack/power coupling to just go sort of together as 'best fit'). the power couplings are a bit hit and miss. (if it's a battery in the Megathule range I imagine it'll arc far enough)  But I'm hoping that someone facing six las cannon is going to be more concerned with keeping his head down.

These are base colours and a black oil paint wash so far; I plan putting rings of brown and blue ink on the steely barrels and black.brown scorching on the muzzle shroud.  And the pointy end, I usually do that black and havn't yet (poor quality control there, Zzzzz, get your act together next time)  But aside from that, this batch are OK for the table.

The next heavy weapon progress will be some Curious Construct weapon carriages.


  1. I've always thought that the trusty heavy bolter looked at it's best on a wheeled gun-carriage...

    I wonder if there's a range out there compatible.. there must be, right?

    Also, nice heavy duty flashlights.. and kudos on detailising with oils, and heat-stress rings too, :)

    1. sidenote.. the "other thing" (big, red, ugly) is scheduled for its post on monday late afternoonish.

    2. Kool. Looking forwards to that.

  2. Maximini do some good assault cannon carriages which I used for my penal legion HW teams, but I remember they ain't cheap. I'll have a dig around and see if I can find some.

  3. Las Cannons always were my favourite.