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Friday, 28 February 2014

DKK Progress.

Greetings from Kuala Lumpar, all things being well. 

These boys are the first Landsers of 262 Line Infantry Regt.  Like many other Imperial Guard Regiments, the DKK 262 Line Infantry Regt probably does have an illustrious past; a previous iteration of 262 Line Infantry Regt may still be out there somewhere, but as far as the departmento munitorium on Krieg are concerned, the number has not been used for two hundred years and so a new founding has been issued with the number.

All of these pictures are from Possum Painting.  Who are doing all the hard work with these fellas. So unlike my photos, hopefully these show off his handiwork, as well as higher standard of photography.

I asked for the first small squad to be sent on ahead so that I could covert them from the comfort of my own sofa.  I did individual photos of the little bunch at the top but the piccies are rubbish.  The issue with a lot of the photos I have blogged recently is that they were taken in daylight and waiting a bit (until it was dark) would enhance the effect of the spot lights etc.

Anyway, these guys look good and Comptroller Bellormus has done well to divert another Krieg Regiment to Devos IV from where ever it was originally destined to go.

Anyway, I had a quick email conversation with Col Scipio about organising a regiment that was easy to keep track of (ie built of blocks of 1000 men) and also fitted the DKK fluff.  We went for the easiest iteration of a DKK Infantry Regiment; no engineers, no vehicles, no Death Riders, just riflemen, Close Support Field Arty and heavy weapons.

Many thanks to Col Scipio for this.  If it needs further explanation, just let me know and I'll break it down.


  1. The OSL on that plasma gun is very nice - and I love the common blue-grey themes those chaps have. Can't wait until the entire company is up and ready for combat, I'm working on some heavy weapons at the moment...

  2. O these are very nicely done. Like Ed, I really like the plasma effects.

    I have no idea what those symbols mean in your diagram.....?