Playing EPIC in 28mm.

Friday, 12 September 2014

More Bloodcoat Officers.

General ("Danny Bloodcoat") Horpan (Scion Officer with Puppetswar head) and his attendant vox officer (scion vox, cadian legs and Pig Iron head).  The base topper under Danny B is a freebie from someone somewhere.

Captain bitzbox, Admiral Nelsonx and Tacticae Napoleonx.  The resin bases, like the base topper under Nelson were freebies from somewhere.  I've had them ages and thought they needed using. 

Captain Bitzbox is an Iggy tank commanders head, cadian arms, torso cut from a wargames factory greatcoat body.  And pig iron legs.  Not quite the stylish sculpt the other two are, but he has character. 

Corporation Major General

And this guy is in there as well.  But I can't get his sword arm to stay  on, So this is picture from t'interweb.

These fellows are of course the high command types for the Bloodcoats.


  1. Love the Nelson and Napoleon figures and props for getting the Bitzbox Captain too look half decent!

  2. Very cool! I do like the Nelson and Napoleon models, cool to see them in scale with everything, might have to pick those up at some point. Loving the conversions too - I gotta look in to the puppetswar heads, definitely dig that one a lot!

  3. Captain Bitzbox - fantatstic.

    That Napoleonx model is great - I saw him online somewhere ages ago - great to finally see him in scale shots being used by someone.

    The PuppetWars head on Horpan is also a cool piece - just enough to be recognisably different while still tying into the theme. Nice one.

  4. Cheers gents. More officers on Tuesday and new FW releases on Friday !