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Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Missing Stuff

So, Marshall Argos has asked about the org and det of 72AG; whether we are talking about my collection or the Devos IV fluff is by the by; my collection being a small slice of some of the units present.

Anyway, yes: 72 AG has three Corps, XVII Korps, XVIII Corps and XXXVIII Corps.

Various units within XVII Korps, 72AG (Klestor Sub Sector Command)
Each of these is organised into five Divisions:  Each Division being between 4000 and 10000 men; so either one Regiment (ie the Corbainian 1st) plus attachments to round it out to an all arms force) or five(ish) Battalion sized bits of different regiments under a Divisional Commander.

Now I do have this tabulated in excel.  However, this will change through the campaign as Divisions are re-organised; ie the Corbainian 1st being rendered hors de combat - they will be rouled out (roulement being the attachment and detachment of units from formations) to either be broken up and used as Battle Casualty Replacements (BCRs) or used as a cadre about which the unit will be re-built.

I do plan on presenting this as an org chart with the usual symbols.  Col Scipio is good at this, so I'll ask him to give me a hand.  This will give a picture of the organisation down to unit level.

The Inquisitorial conclave and Black Templar mission are not included in this as they are not part of 72AG. (more about these this year as well) The Warp Runners detachment technically is a part of the Army (I can explain this, should anyone be interested), but is not actually under 4* General Zukhov's command - which is why it does not show up on the org chart.

Hammer Company, 3/99 ("Bloodcoats") AIR, 4 BCT 'Scorpions', 1 (Benq) Div, Devos IV PDF
Similarly, the Separatist PDF is worked out as well; the PDF consists of four Divisions, three of which are four BCT (Brigade Combat Team) roughly equal to a 72AG Division, but perhaps slightly smaller.  The BCTs are rounded out with a PDF Air Force Brigade and a Combat Supply Brigade. So this can be charted as well.

The PLA equals the Separatist PDF plus any partisans, mutant hordes or other visitors (which might include Skulltakers, Beserkers of Skallathrax, Emperor's Children sub factions, 'The Cleaved' and/or summoned or randomly manifesting deamons).
'Belligera Rex' formerly of the War Griffons, Now used by the Skulltakers.

I do have a map of Devos IV, but it is a schematic of the planet in a sort of Mercator Projection.  I have other maps in my head which I will try to get out and onto the e-page at some point.

To go back to 72AG.  Doubtless many of you are aware that some other blogger's iggies have been bleeding for the emperor on the dung covered steppes of Devos IV; elements of the Palladian Guard and Mordian 7th form 905 Div.  Elements of Cadian 24th and 127th form 901 Div.  It goes on...

Generally bloggers have reacted well to me randomly wiping out bits of their army in the Emperor's name.  If you have an IG army, do keep an eye out for the odd mention here or there.  If you hit the 'background' label and go back far enough you'll find narratives on some of the formations and biopics of some of the people.  If you back far enough, you'll find a point where 72AG is three Divisions each of five Brigades.  Retcon ahoy !

Of all of the things mentioned in the Devos IV blog so far, one thing I have not done is assign actual dates to events.  This has been quite deliberate.  DKK 19 Armd Regt did not go to Taros (IA3), it came to Devos IV.  The Chief of Staff of XXXVIII Corps was Col Winterborne's predecessor as CO of Prea 4 Mech  Regt. The Fantoma 313 Drop Regt were part of XXXVIII Corps, but before BG82 was formed, possibly before Marshall Argos was born.

So all of this needs sorting out as well.  Some of the posts in this blog are not in chronological order, you will have noticed.  What I have to do here is find a likely date and then stick it in as the start of the campaign.  So if I do ever PM you asking something that seems a little odd ('Its made up Zzzzzz, write what you like.' I hear some people saying), it just the pedant in me wanting to tie all the details nicely together.

If you have an intimate grasp of the chronology of the late M40, have a burning urge to see your iggies die in droves on the dusty prairies and smashed up cities, or want to know more (or add something in) then do PM me or leave a comment; Just to be clear here - 72AG as three Corps does stamp out the PDF all the way to Xyphonica - the arithmetic of war is pretty clear in this regard.  What they find defending the ruins you can pretty well guess at, it's red and purple and not a sunset.

The next couple of weeks have a few more character/background posts lined up - giving a little more depth, but still no organogram or timeline.  Soz.


  1. Love the fluff and love the army, looks brilliant, we will have to make your fluff fact and have a game at some point in the future so your CoS can return to command the Praetorians!