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Monday, 25 April 2016

Immediately after Operation Dragonfire

A conversation is taking place amongst the staff officers at the forward command post of 902 Division[1] during the advance across the grasslands in western Benq.  The Chief of Staff, Lt Cl Has, is finishing his evening briefing of Commander 902 Division’s HQ Staff, a group of about twenty officers and men who keep the Division doing what HQ 17 Korps require.

The business of replenishing 902 Div in advance of 17 Korps deployment dealt with, including the tactical situation, the briefing turns to other important matters.  A direct approach last night as the Div was preparing to lead the way out of Fort Nuttar from a member of an Inquisitorial retinue was re-buffed.  Lt Col Has ensures that everyone is brought up to speed.

“….Elleryion Carries was the Officer’s name.   Inquisitor Hallas’ retinue suggested to AG HQ that the mighty Inquisitor Hallas’ status demanded an honour guard.  Major Carries response was that the AG was short of resources and that all available personnel were being deployed.”

“Sounds reasonable to me.  We can’t afford to strip sub units out of the line to baby sit individuals in tactical dreadnaught armour, no matter who they represent.”  Huffed Captain Pasquilliano. 

“Nice to see the Departmento stand up for itself.” Chipped in Major Speer.

“Quite.  But the retinue member left the impression that the lofty Inquisitor was likely to look upon such an answer unfavourably. You must admit, telling agents of the Holy Ordos where to go is something you would only do if you had direction from CIGS.[2]

There is a babble of voices as the officers present all being talking at once.  When it comes to precedence, there is consensus that there is a sliding scale depending on the exact circumstances.  And the Invasion of Benq has not resulted in enough witches or deamons to warrant the Holy Ordos taking over.

General Commandant Welbahnn raised an eyebrow.    Lt Col Dalthem held up a hand to quiet his fellow officers on the staff.  “Sir ?”

“The attitude of Inquisitor Hallas’ retinue sounds a little threatening to me.”

There was a moment’s quiet from those in the Crassus as a flight of low flying thunderbolts  passed overhead, barely subsonic.  The Crassus rocked slightly and the tent flapped.  Very low flying thunderbolts.  Bloody cowboys.

The General Commandant turned to his Chief of Staff; “Colonel Has, see if we have an urgent need for an SO2 somewhere and staff the request up to Korps HQ.”

Lt Col Has paused for a moment.  “I believe that DCOS[3] is a gapped post, I’ll get on to it right away.”  He turned back to address the rest of the staff; “Back to work, gentlemen, we have a campaign to fight and a war to win.  We need to be ready for the bleeding edge in 48 standard, no excuses.”

General Commandant Welbahnn

Two days later, in preparation for moving through 903 Division, General Commandant Welbahnn has been touring his unit headquarters accompanied by his Chief of Staff and Head of Intelligence and Security.  Obersturmbannführer Pentürug is waiting discreetly with his 2iC at the back of his command Chimera.  The DKK 19th Armoured Regiment are being replenished in place before beginning to move from their lager.  Obersturmbannführer Pentürug is the forth regimental commander in turn to visit Div HQ to receive his orders direct from General Commandant Welbahnn.  The three Divisional Command Staff are talking between their Salamander and the Death Korps officers. 

“Major Carries is now on a Valkyrie on his way to this evening’s step up Korps HQ location.  There are now fourteen Ordo Hereticus Inquisitors and their retinues scattered across the whole of 72 Army Group.  Not all of them seem as, difficult, as Inquisitor Hallas.  From what I understand even those with a similar zealously puritanical outlook find him quite hard to get on with.  He’s having trouble deciding whether he needs to be on the front line or sitting on General Zhukov’s shoulder. “

At General Commandant Welbhann’s non-verbal instigation, the three men paused.  “What about other Inquisitors in and around our forces ?” 

“None yet, sir.  However, there are plans to embed Inquisitors and their retinues within front line elements, these plans just havn’t had General Zhukov’s chop yet.”

“It looks like the glacially slow response times of ‘Group might actually be helping us for once.” Colonel Has grinned.  “About time too. We’re not likely to be first on the Inquisitions list, either.  As the Lord General Militant[4] fawns on 18 Corps and they’re still likely to be twelve to eighteen hours astern of us, they’re likely to get their Imperial Shackles before we are.”  The General Commandant Welbhann turned to his SO1 Intelligence and Security[5], “Lau, how is this going down with the Commissariat ?”

“The Commissariat are loyal servants of the Emperor, sir.  And stand by to obey the dictates of the most holy ordos.”

“They’re not keen then ?” 

“They get quite pissed when someone else on our side kills more of our soldiers than they do.  But this is something more, Lord Commissar Harris is sharp and his anodised case hardened heart belongs to the guard.  I don’t know, but I’d put money on him being about as impressed with Inquisitor Hallas as we are:  If someone frags a hound, the leash gets shredded too.”

“Alright then, enough for now gentlemen, we’re keeping Obersturmbannführer Pentürug waiting, let’s deal with the business in hand and only worry about the Inquisition if they become an issue.”

[1] At this point, 902 Div are the 17 Korps reserve and about to take over speadhead duties in three days. They are 120 kloms east of Guionvudar. The command post is a converted Crassus.
[2] Chief of the Imperial General Staff – the fulcrum of the ranking formation in any Imperial Guard deployment; ie the Chief of Staff of the Commanding Officer of the Army.  So this appointment is entirely dependant on the formations deployed, attached and detached at any moment in time. 
[3] Deputy Chief of Staff.
[4] Referring to General Zhukov as the ‘Lord General Militant’ is of course a private joke amongst the staff officers of 902 Div.  And quite possibly other formations within 72 Army Group that aren’t Army Group HQ.
[5] Staff Officer Grade 1 (Lt Col).  A fully manned staff branch in any HQ will usually have an SO1, SO2 (major) and SO3 (Captain) in order to function at DM proscribed levels of efficacy. 


  1. I always enjoy these, man - keep it up!

  2. Oh, I have always loved hat sculpt. I think you have captured him perfectly there. Great name too!