Playing EPIC in 28mm.

Saturday, 29 April 2017

Composite Iggy Officer vs GW Iggy Officer

This is an Eisenkarn head, FW body and (I think) Anvil legs. 

I shied away from trying to put a red band around his cap, but I'm reasonably pleased with him

Tactical colouring on his Canadian Gate and a silver aqilla honour badge. He needs his base tidying up.

Next up on the Brick of Scrutiny is another officer made entirely from GW plastic bits. Painted at the time (ie as part of a batch), with the same amount of work.

He's 'ok'.

From the amount of work, I'd hoped he'd be a bit more interesting.

Yep, he's fine.  Is it just me or does the other guy look better ?


  1. I'm always bias towards FW so I say the first one!

  2. He he, Canadian Gate, damn auto correct... looks great mate, the FW torso is a good one, I have that lurking somewhere too.

  3. They both look great but yeah, first one looks better.

  4. Agreed, both are nice but if forced to decide, the first is slightly nicer. Great pose too.

  5. I adore those FW officer torsos.