Playing EPIC in 28mm.

Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Mortian King Russ completed

Bored now.  I'm calling these finished and have put them away. 

A sentinel.  It's the same colour scheme using the same tools. 

Aaaargh !  Transfers coming off callsign 34 !  despite the varnish !

Droopy melty barrel.  And the muzzle vents need cleaning out as well.

But hey, they look ok, especially en masse.

Either las cannon or auto cannon hull weapon

Twin heavy stubber hull weapons

The rear numbers.

Never did get 'round to disguising the gap in the track links with mud.  Oh well.

But not bad

And I didn't get 'round to any sponge chipping, either.

But these are good to go; they're possibly better (certainly painted in a more technical fashion) than the rest of the ASL.

But the sentinel will get a bit more work.

Off they go into storage; brumm, brumm.


  1. Love these! Great work, Zzzzzz!

  2. they look great, like mini Baneblades. good job. How big is your transport storage yard?

    1. 260 vehicles in stacked 30L boxes to the garage roof. And then some.

  3. Mmmmm. So good! Love those tanks, great work mate!

  4. Looking good. I like the realistic feel. Not the to shiny GW paint job, but more like something you would see in reality. To bad they have to hang out in storage.

    1. It makes occasions when I get them out all the sweeter :)

  5. Ok... that is one sexy tank. As an old armor model builder I've always had a few issues with some of the GW tanks. That is really a nice melding of their general asthetic and realism.

    1. Yep, I know what you mean; there are so many things wrong with some of the models.

  6. Such great models. I love the look of the half hull over track designs. Hes done well emulating the FW Macharius look which I think is the best Guard tank design put out by GW or FW.