Playing EPIC in 28mm.

Tuesday, 25 September 2018

Actual Macharian Thunderguard on Devos IV Part 1

A Thunderhawk has crashed.  The causes have not been transmitted to the local IG - enemy fire, mechanical failure, pilot error, who knows ? Also whose Thunderhawk is it ?  Black Templars ? or following the rumours it might be Vilya Fenryka or even Relicators.  Perhaps even an Inquisition one. 

It has, however, come down smack bang in front of separatist defences on the northern edge of Xyphonica.  Falling between the 72AG and 3422AG the Thunderguard are detailed to secure the crash site and assist engineers re-tasked from 569 Div (Armd Engrs attached to the Hrossey Yeomanry) to deny the wreckage to the enemy.

Separatist defences are formidable;  dug in regular troops with plenty of mortar, HMG, Auto cannon and Quad Gun support.   

DKK Uhlans form part of the Cavalry force.

Along with Lancers from the Thunderguard.

And a detachment of Penal soldiers from the Cadian 24th.

The cavalry advance across the table.  Their speed largely takes the defenders by surprise. (those grenadiers you can see with the guidon [pendant] were doing widths of the table like it was a swimming pool).

Col Ackland signals the charge, his first order of the day.

The DKK Uhlans are overcome with enthusiasm.

The defender's view.  By now, it's already looking to me like the first order will carry the day (see what I did there ?) not a good day for freedom.

Soldiers from 1/99 Devos IV PDF "the Bloodcoats".

Prepared positions.  Heavy Stubber teams open up on the armoured cavalry and their augmented mounts.  Massive mortar and Thud Gun barrages ensue.  Fast, tough and a little bit more special than the Separatist high command had anticipated, the Thunderguard's casualties are unexpectedly light.

When they reach the rebel soldiers, carnage ensues and victory is eventually almost total. Even the penal troops make the mortar positions and add to the melee.

The Thunderguard will go around the edge of the bunker walls, their speed and manoeuvrability allowing them to charge the PDF wherever they are. 

You can't see from here, but there is a FS plt form the Cadian 24th in support, keeping up auto cannon, mortar and missile fire throughout.  Those dug in Quad Launchers are targeted with AT missiles - the air around those positions is thick with flying sandbags as porsche after porsche is fired into them.


  1. Awesome! That looks like it was a truly spectacular game!

  2. Wow, thought it was going to be a redo of the Charge of the Light Brigade seeing all that cav facing down an entrenched gun line...

    But alas, those traitors got what for.

  3. Huzzah!

    "The DKK Uhlans are overcome with enthusiasm." Perfectly sums up that photo - how morose can those horses look? They're in the middle of a charge - where's your excitement lads!