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Wednesday, 16 January 2019

The Plan for 2019

Part of 902 Div HQ Echelon - Jus' coz they're pretty.

So all of the gang over at the Bread Bunker have done pieces about doing stuff in a year.  In the past I have put up an occasional (usually the first post in Jan, but not this year) post about the vast amount of stuff I have on the go at the same time.  Like this, the last one from Jun 18.  But as previously discussed, in 2018, I spent about half of what I did in 2017, so the rules of acquisition are working (Cheers, you sexy Ferrengi !)

There's a lot going on in there (the garage). 

So this year I'm going for a four output plan:

  • City/Church Wall scenery (with a few statues) to make a processional way (or photo backdrop)
  • Finish the Macharius and Stormblade (not a lot of work, but no progress for ages)
  • Build the Christmas Vulture
  • Build the last three ASL HVM AAA (would involve buying 3x Chimerae)

And anything else will be a bonus !  So that's it, just four things to be done, with plenty of scope for all the other stuff off that list (and the Griffin models that DragonForge has in the pipeline...) being 'extra, bonus, super wonderful stuff'.


I'm hoping that picking just four things to do this year, bearing in mind the amount of time I get to 'hobby' in makes my plan achievable.  Will doing all of these push the overall Devos IV project towards completion ?  Yes, the two armoured thingies round out 902 Div, the scenery just needs to be done and the Vulture, done nicely, might get me another one when my birthday rolls around. 

And hopefully some extra things will get done as well, otherwise I'm looking at another decade to get through the plastic crack pile !

The bunker, here as an example of 'scenery', build by men without rulers or plumblines


  1. Always love seeing your collection expand - Looking forward to seeing what madness 2019 brings!

  2. Here's wishing you a productive 2019!

  3. Yeah right, looking forward to the retrospective post in 2020 to say how you blew the four output plan and bought more Titans! lol

  4. Best of luck. Looks like a solid plan mate.
    I love "Chimerae"
    I'm most excited about the church city wall.

    My plan has one dot point. Get back to the blog!

  5. My spending for this is already out of control...there will soon be a deluge of ebay sales to (hopefully) offset that.

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