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Friday, 7 February 2020

Hades 'salt drill

The business end of a modern drilling unit.  This DKK one has a multimelta on a spar in the gap.  IRL ones do not have this.  Yet. 

In our mundane world, what tends to happen with things like this at the end of the project is that despite the expense of building and running one of these, is that they are driven into a right angle from the thing they have tunnelled and then just walled in; the expense of getting them out of the tunnels, dismantling, transporting and reusing them is greater than the cost of buying a new one each time.  There are loads of tunnelling machines buried all over the world.

This one is intended to be reused many times by the DKK Engineers.  In my experience, they never survive their deep strike, let alone any round of combat.  Sort of art reflecting life, then. 


  1. Love these but never understood the physical mechanics, unless they remove the spoil as this thing cuts, they can’t make a tunnel by chopping the rock and feeding through onto the conveyor in the centre?! Bah, what does that matter? It’s a cool Unit and DKoK Engineers pack quite a decent punch on arrival.

  2. The cutting heads all direct the spoil inwards. Then there is central conveyor to transport it back out to where it can be disposed of.

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  4. Wow, very cool. It is sad about the real tunneling machines. Also sad about the DKK. Have you considered deep striking closer to friendly lines? More like a mobile reserve than a suicide squad.