Playing EPIC in 28mm.

Thursday, 28 July 2022

Troops Choice Thought Excersize 3

 So if was throwing it all down, what would I do ?  What could it look like ?  Up there in this pict are the Valhallans and some of the others who routinely share the same large figure case.  You'll recognise Capt Chenkov front and centre.  Immediately behind him are three platoons, two entirely of Valhallan types and one which is two squads of Valhallan type and then the three squads of Macrons.  So we'll call three platoons even though the Macrons bring with them two super numary officers.  

Here are twenty convicts from the Penal Legion.  In anger, I'd probably put the twenty from the Cadian 24th with them for a blob of 40 of them.  Because it would be funnier.

Their leash is an officer from the Vostroyan 158th, rolled for the duration of the campaign as Provost troops. Being a Vostroyan officer, he has a stooges to make him look important and shine his boots.  So that, to certain POV, sort of makes them a command squad for the penal unit detachment.  Perhaps.

 There is enough for two squads of Psykers.  Which could be a fun random sort of element.

  Enough Commissars to spoil everyone's weekend. But useful to share out amongst the Guard. 

 And there are bucket loads of Priests as well, handy for an assault. 

 Medics for a spot of FNP.  Because if it makes the command squads last a bit longer, that can only be a good thing. 

There are thirty VV Special Police, who perhaps will make a reasonable conscript blob, both RAW/RAI and flufftastically. 

The Knovians (Mordian7th's Geno 5-2) make another detachment of two platoons. 


And a platoon of the Hulin Rifles.


And the Daredevil Combat Engineers

All under the command of Capt Chenkov.  So they could all be recycled as long as Chenkov is alive and still on the table.  Hurrah ! 


  1. Impressive as always!

    (also I do miss the Mordian7th blog...)

  2. Impressive, Im loving what I see

    1. Cheers. If you put the 'imperial guard' filter on, there's plenty more like this.

  3. Looks great. I'm loving the background too. So cool to look at.