Playing EPIC in 28mm.

Sunday 22 October 2023

Neverness' Inquisitorial Conclave 2024 - St Nezuko's Witch Hunters jump the gun.


A long time on an Agi-world far, far away, there was a young peasant girl named Nezuko.  Her family, with the exception of her brother, were wiped out in a deamonic incursion.  She was posessed.  With the assistance of her surviving sibling, she resisted posession and embarked on a long and difficult quest to exorsize the deamon.
The deamon was excorsized and banished and Nezuko was free from it, her humanity was restored.  Obviously the only way one can remove deamonic posession from one's self is to be a witch, so she was subsequently granted the emperor's mercy by being burned alive. Just to make sure.
Her story is an inspiration to Witch Hunters throughout the Dinorwic Sector.  She is the patron saint of these fellows, whose helmets, you'll have noticed, follow a traditional witch huntery pattern.  They are the shock troops of their sect.
They are armoured, which contributes to their logenvity in combat situations, they are well armed and they manage to pack a Heavy Stubber and a Missile Launcher into the selection of tools at their disposal. 
And of course the banner of St Nezuko as a reminder that redemption is possible even for the previsouly posessed.  These people are very mindful: they live in the present and are regular found meditating.
They have arrived on Devos IV in response to Bishop Popper's indescriminate call for more Ecclestical military might to butress his possible post war position.  However, like a lot of the frateris militia elements arriving dirtside, they have come with their own agenda.
These witch hunters have aligned themselves with a lone Astartes known locally as the White Knight.  They have adopted the colours from his coat of arms for their pultrons, signifying their allegance.  So they definately do not answer to Bishop Popper. 
So whilst they are unlikely to receive any official assistance from the higher level of the Church; they are invariably popular with the rank and file of the Tree of Man when they meet them on the ground.  Also their appearance and bearing as a military unit accord them a degree of respect from the soldiers of 72AG that frateris militia do not usually get.
Shun the mutant, Kill the heretic, Burn the witch.


  1. I like them! They look cool as heck too, laying claim to the Brick of Scrutiny.

  2. O wow! These are some excellent sculpts and I love the background too. (Demon Hunter anime reference is also a nice touch.)

  3. I love the minis, what line are they from!

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