Playing EPIC in 28mm.

Monday, 16 November 2009

Opening Skirmishes (very first one)

This is the western end of the table, the Tigers are flaming the 2nd regt squad. These then fell back, allowing the HB at the bottom of the picture and a lot of rapid fire to wipe out the rest of them.

From the east, looking west. The 2nd regt has HB teams and two rifle squads holding the ruins but the mutant horde has already reached the wall. The rest of the Tigers (at the top of this picture) are poised to follow on.
The PLA (People’s Libertine Army – the army of Chaux Na M’rrsee) are liberating the continent of Benq. The Imperial Governor, Maj Gen Marcus Firth III, is in retreat. Leading elements of the renegade PDF unit the 13th Devos IV Mech Regt (“The Tigers”) are closing with the rearguard of the PDF 2nd Regt, who are the Govenor’s household troops.

We played our first every 40K game (supposed to 40/40 !) despite being only 400 points a side, and referred, it lasted from 17:00 to 20:00. We learned that: Lascannon punch through sentinels like they are paper. And that sentinels and HW teams are bullet magnets. And that Rapid Fire and FRFSRF make an immediate and obvious difference.

The 2nd Regt’s rear guard comprised of Coy Cmd w/ lascannon, 3rd Pl Cmd w/ lascannon. 2 rifle squads with HB. 4th Pl Cmd with Lascannon and 2 rifle squads. The Coy Cmdr was MIA and so this stage of the withdrawl was actually being supervised by Maj Gen Firth himself.

The Tiger’s advance guard was led by Capt Choo and his Cmd Squad. He had at his disposal Lt Skol and his Cmd Squad with two rifle squads and two flamer scout sentinels. They were accompanied by a mutant horde who had joined for revenge after years of persecution by the ‘norms’.

The set up was DoW and the game was annihilation. 2nd Regt took control of the cover/buildings at the half way point and opened with a lascannon ambush of the sentinels. Capt Choo sent the mutants against the 2nd Regt’s position in a zulu like wave; this was held for three rounds by A/Sgt Hicks and his bullet magnet HB team. There was plenty of tit for tat on the extreme flank with Capt Choo hanging back, keeping his team as a reserve and the General kept another rifle squad back in cover as a reserve.

There were four or five hard fought rounds where the 2nd and the Tigers tried their darndest to get into a good position to do for each other. Eventually I woke up to the fact that MCH and CNJ would just fight each other to a stand still and so explained KPs and declared the last round.

Eventually the horde did force their way over the wall; but at the cost of almost all of them. A/Sgt Hicks’ squad became the last kill point.

The meta result was a draw (2 KPs each). The campaign result is that Capt Shoo knows that Maj Gen Firth is within striking distance.

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