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Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Revising history


I've learnted more rools.

Specifically things like when a unit comes off worse in close combat it has to make a morale check or break. And then the victor gets to make a 'Sweeping Advance' to inflict further damage on the routing unit.

If we had included these then the Eldar (dark & vanilla) would have been much better matched against the PLA, almost certainly getting further with each assault.

And the AP of a weapon is matched against their armour save; if the AP is equal or less than the value of the armour save then the victim does not get the save, they just snuff it. So that would have done for another half dozen of CNJ's guard.

C'est la vie. Or not, as the case may be.


  1. I read those rules as well!

    I was unsure exactly how the first one would have played out. But my abiding impression from the second skirmish was that the rules make is very easy (indeed positively encouraged) to move into close combat, and very hard to get out of it again (unless you fail a morale check). So the near total death toll of the Workers Rabble should have forced more morale checks, but by random fluke they had been making checks easily anyway, so it wouldn't have guaranteed a different outcome.

    The AP rule explains why the HWs in the first skirmish performed so poorly (to everyone's surprise). With HWs inflicting more casualties, but with the successful charge causing panic, it would have been a very different battle (although probably still heading to a similar result (draw)).


  2. Who'd have thought it was so complicated eh ? Not like the seamless simplicity of RM. ;)