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Tuesday, 8 December 2009

The Imancipation of Taple

Dracite Taple was captured by the Tigers. Her capture by Capt Choo and his reporting of Maj Gen Firth's whereabouts is what got him promoted.

The Kabal of the Broken Teaspoon want Dacite Taple back. If the Kabal of the Broken Teaspoon liberate their unhinged and bloodthirsty Dacite, then for them it is a return to business as normal. The Kabal will persist in harassing anyone who takes their fancy, indulging their predilection for hit and run raids, getting in people’s way and upsetting their carefully laid plans.

The Army of Chaux Na M'rrsee begin anywhere that is more than 12" away from any table edge. The DE come on from any table edge, after the Heretics and/or renegades have set up.

It is night fighting for 1D6 turns.

Dacite Taple must remain in base to base contact with one of the Heretic/renegade HQ choice models. It does not matter which one and it can change from turn to turn. (Dacite Taple is Shackled [which she likes] and can only move as her leash holder moves and may not shoot, assault or use fancy wargear). If the DE player can get a figure (ie an infantry model, rather than a vehicle) in base to base contact with Dacite Taple then she is freed and the DE player has won an idealogical victory. ie the DE have won, even if Dacite Taple is subsequently killed by the mon-keigh, at least snuffed it as a free evil space elf, not as a prisoner. If the DE player gets a figure in base to base contact with Dacite Taple, then she re-enters play under the control of the DE player and may move and shoot normally.

If the Army of Chaux Na M'rrsee keep their prisoner for the entire game, then they have won and the demoralised kabal will have to return to Commorrragh without their favourite Dacite, to face the ridicule and good natured jibes of their fellow evil space elves. Perhaps....

If the Army of Chaux Na M’rrsee manage to retain her, then Chaux Na herself will possibly persuade Dacite Taple that their interests lie together. Which could well see Kabal assets pouncing on the rearward formations of the IG – they were likely to do this anyway, but such an alliance would make this a certainty and remove the possibility of balancing raids being carried out on the Heretic and Renegade forces of Chaux Na M’rrsee.

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