Playing EPIC in 28mm.

Monday, 7 December 2009

Senario for the campaign

The Imperium of Man needs Maj Gen Marcus Firth III, the former planetary governor, as head of state once the rebellion is quashed. He is their best chance for a success with a government of unity and hence a return to normal production of the vital foodstuffs for industrial worlds elsewhere in this sector. If the Imperial forces commit him to battle then his local knowledge, combined with his professional knowledge as a former IG general, could spell disaster for the rebellion.

2nd Regt player begins within 6" of one short table edge. Army of Chaux Na M'rrsee sets up anywhere further than 18" away from a 2nd Regt unit. If Maj Gen Marcus Firth III makes it to the other short table edge, the Imperial player wins.

Any other result means that the Army of Chaux Na M'rrsee has captured the Planetary Govenor. If the Army of Chaux Na M’rrsee capture the General, then they could use him as some sort of sacrifice to their thirsting god, as a puppet leader for their own government, just remove him from the equation altogether or as a bait to lure the expeditionary force into a trap.

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