Playing EPIC in 28mm.

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Mostly Scenary

Whilst I was clearing up the garage I had all three gaming boards out together (a first !). It looks like being alright for the apocalyptic battle at the climax of the campaign. The middle board is just that - 9mm MDF.
This is the same board with frame and emulsion. Hurrah !

I suspect that this photo is upside down. It's hardboard and chopped up bits of stick (Curtosy of my helpers [the stick, not the chopping up]).

So the hardboard gets a smearing of pollyfilla and the sticks are all artfully arranged. Vostroyan officer for scale. I'll sand (ie coat with PVA and sprinkle with sand, as opposed to sanding down) and paint the pollyfilla, but the stick is good for the tabletop as it is.
This afternoon, after the sportrelief run, I had a look at my pegasus gothic buildings and have begun work on that as well. A sort of church with a separate tower.


  1. Nice and effective terrain there mate, I wish I had enough room for that many gaming tables...

    Oh, and well done on doing a sport relief run :)

  2. It's all for Charitee folks !

    The joys of being mortgaged include a double garage ! I think for a three table game though, I'll be waiting for a windless summer day to use the garden.