Playing EPIC in 28mm.

Monday, 30 May 2011

Mixed bag

The awful weather, lack of anything we both want to see at the kino, Mrs Zzzzzz's need to perfect and practice her presentation has meant I had a pretty good w/e for painting.

19 Kasarkin shaped Stormies*, 12 VASA Suppressors (Arbities), ten meltavets and eight of my fake Valhallans (similar to those in the photo - WF greatcoat bodies, Pig Iron winter heads and Cadian arms).

Also sprayed the Armageddon camoflage colours on six Chimera. Decals next. Tomorrow night, if Mrs Zzzzzz goes swimming.

*I'm saving the best cast Stormtrooper sergeant for a possible project later.

And in case I forget, if you're off to blogwars next w/e, good luck.

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