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Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Prehistoric monsters and ancient banners. And some actual progress as well.

So on my busy Saturday, I found homes for the Imperial Officers, the assassins and the Void Dragons that PVP delivered.  And did a bit of tidying.  There was another mouse house disaster in the garage, but it was not hobby stuff so you can breath easy.  One of my helpers decided that the thing to do with a recently vacated mouse nest was to take it carefully in his mouth to the middle of the lawn and then sit down and carefully spread the mouse-shredded material into the grass.
Anyway, one of the things I managed was to put the command chimera ATAT back together.  I plan on doing the sand and hairspray weathering on the beast.  It will be a khaki grey colour (Revell stone grey would be nice, if I can get enough of it.) so that great fall back, panzer grey seemed like it would be good for the undercoat.  Of course the weathering is only going to be on the bottom half of this baby, so the top end got undercoated in desert yellow. 

Anyway, it looks like a dinosaur itself; so here it is resting its chin on a Taurosaur whilst its neck sets (eek).
And I mentioned previously the banners from the Sepulchre of Heroes.  Most of these banners were hand drawn 31 years ago and are done in a mixture of felt tip, acrylics and humbrol enamels; my first 'army' were RTB01 Blood Angels (at the time, they were the mostly 'codex' chapter - The Ultrmarines had a half elf as chief librarian) hence all of the Blood Angels banners.  Fluftastically as well, PVPs Blood Angels were here last year and will be back in the future, so Blood Angel banners knocking about is representative of their interest in the region, even it's only that they have fought here before. 

Not bad for something so old, or the banners, come to think of it. 

You can see the rust on the tabs on this one - so these ol' things are on steel pins, not brass rod.

The old army badge.  From when the PDF were the army and all of the figures had individual names in the full page WD adverts showing the individual soldiers (all of whom are now in the Devos IV 2nd Regt - Il Guarde Presedentiale).

The reverse of the Blood Angel banner shown above.  Felt tip coming out nicely for the camera.  I might go over it with paint.  Maybe. 

The Eldar banner to the left has been burned at the bottom edge (deliberately, probably with a swan vesta cribbed off me ol' man).  Newer, internet spawned flags colour printed - these are probably ten years old. 

One side of the big Eldar banner, that orangey square and green pyramid are acually covered with a pattern drawn on with a fine black ink pen. 

The reverse of the burned banner showing the hand of Khaine.  And the other one still with the farseer's illumaniti symbol and the hand of Khaine amongst the other symbols. 

And finally, I have assembled two of the DKK lancers as well. These guys are actually easier to put together than DKK infantry figures - strange but true. 

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