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Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Raiding the blogosphere. Smashing scenery. Other things to do which are not that damned list.

Random&Creative: Jazygia 1996: The history of the Jazygian people reaches back to the 5th century BC. Then fell the thirteen walls of the great city of Jazygopolis, s...

Flufftastic - cop a load of this !  I have no idea what the Jazygian national anthem might sound like, but randomly i-tune an eastern European anthem whilst you read this.

And following on from brain candy, some for the eyes:

Pirate Viking Painting: No Creed but the Imperial: Hi folks! Finally got acceptable shots so today is a bumper update all about Assassins! These are the first in a series of Inq28 comm...

IRL, these look better than they photograph, as you can imagine.  Especially loving PVP's description of those cat suit wearing girls as 'easy'.  Don't know if he meant to do that, but it made me smile...

In other news, I appear to be running out of figure cases and storage space.  It looks like I'll have to give serious thought to the final size and shape of the collection.  But the plan to re-furbish the inside of the garage will come first and should give me some more room.  Figure cases is an easy fix; the rest requires a little jiggery pokery.

Finding an hour is not too difficult, but there's not much one can reasonably achieve in an hour without leaving a mess for next time.  Which is something I really don't like doing, hence the apparently glacial progress.  But small steps can be taken which contribute to the overall success of the project. So don't be surprised if you see posts about moving bicycles and painting walls and floors.

The Alternative Wargamer: Mission Statement: Mission Statement of this particular blog: To raise awareness of other model companies than Games Workshop and how to still play Warhammer...

This one should be worth watching; nice idea and pretty nifty with the plasticard.

So someone out there might remember the Sepulchre of Heroes.

It's been OK to play on, despite never getting to close to finished; it's supposed to be a bit of a memorial wall bedecked with the banners of past military glories.  I still plan on doing this, but probably as part of the cathedral/basilica that I'm going to talk my dad into building (seems funny to be saying that at 45, but there you go; 'tis a strange ol' world).

Anyway the thing is, it's a 2' x 2' (same size as a realm of battle tile) piece with an 18" long, 12" tall wall across the middle.  It takes up a lot of room.  And those bits can go into the cathedral/basilica. So part of progress this afternoon (Sat 15 Mar) will be to alter/modify/destroy some scenery, in order to make space elsewhere.  Welcome to the modern age !  Out with the old !  In with the new ! Terms and conditions apply !

Bang, smash, rip.  It was well put together, but no match for someone running out of space with new projects to do.

And the Chaos cultists have all arrived safely, so hopefully Admiral Drax will forgive Mrs Drax for posting them 2nd class. They look great - it'd be a shame to be burned to deaf in the name of the dark gods by anyone else...


  1. Yay!

    I must say, when I glanced at that second picture I just assumed the scenery got Smaug'd!

    Right then, 'Spose I'd better go and let Mrs D back out of Solitary...

  2. This just popped up on my blogger stats, thanks for the heads up. And surprise: I will soon be composing a national anthem for Jazygia.