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Friday, 30 May 2014

Goodies, goodie, goodie, gum, gum. (Sorry if you didn't grow up watching BBC in the 1970s)

The bizarre title will be explained further down.

Amera Plastic Buildings, as seen in the fortymunda posts.  Six buildings and a pretty nifty bunker for a shade under £100.

Someone (The Responsible One perhaps ?  He is pretty keen on scenery) mentiioned that they sometimes don't stand up too well to sustained use.  And the really tall building you can see here did need one floor re-gluing after the fight. However, they are not likely to see more than half a dozen days of use each year, so I've no really qualms about that.

And this is one of the helpers destroying the illusion of scale (she's not really a deformed headless bitch, she's looking the other way ).

Anyway, this last picture (and the other unpublished ones) reminded me of this: Giant Kitten wrecking London. Which explains the title.  And yes, Michael Aspell did once used to be a news reader.


  1. Kitten Kong! I do like the look of Amera but mostly I'm picking up their Airfix 1/32 scale products at the moment.

  2. I had initially been quite sceptical about the vac formed buildings, but on a packed table they hold up rather well.

    definitely the thing for apoc-level table volume

  3. Luckily the recent glut of BBC2 self-congratulatory 50th annivrasy programmes has reminded me of the Goodies. Before my time but beloved of my parents who would quote them liberally.

    Lovely buildings; decent price too!

  4. Yeah, it was me. I am considering some Amera pieces, but not for buildings.

    Also, it makes me realise that for someone who is keen on scenery, I really don't have much of it painted!

    1. Also, Amera are hard to beat for area coverage per pound!

    2. Yep, for the money, you could do a lot worse....