Playing EPIC in 28mm.

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Combat Engineer's Chimera.

This (as they say in all the good modelling comics) shows the multi-media nature of the kit. The big things here are that this will be the only forward turret chimera in the DKK fleet.  The obvious reason for this is the extension of the top hatch, like a dormobile roof on a VW camper van.  This extension would look better if it was a little lower - just under the height of the turret, rather than just over.

The reason for the height of the extension is the inclusion of this mechanicum shrine (from a titan kit), which I wanted to include in this engineer's vehicle.  There are two task lights (not spot lights - spot lights are for spotting things, these task lights are for illuminating the tasks that the engineers are carrying out) and some comms kit on the extension - I'm quite pleased with the chamfered box for the non straight mounted antennae.  Watch out Claus, I'm coming for your crown.

Yes it has double smoke dischargers.  No, there is no in game advantage, however, as a ride for combat engineers, it will have to make it's own way across the battlefield and the extra smoke would seem like a no-brainer.

And this is it with the mine plow and skirts.  They are not fixed yet - I'm still looking at options to fix these items.  Yes, that is a goliath motorised bomb you can see behind - just the thing that every DKK combat engineer squad wants to share their chimera with.


  1. Ha, that is mad! What a bunch of cool conversions. It wreaks with awesomeness!

  2. Were that how Chimeras came standard, I'd almost buy one.

    Far more interesting and rugged.

    Don't glue on the (not) schurzen and plow, instead magnetise! I feel it looks FAR better without them imo.

  3. This is great! I love AVRE-type things and this is avre-tastic!

    I am inclined to agree with Dai, but sometimes I know it's nice to just commit precious bit 'A' to cool model 'B' and think "Yup. Done. Sue me."

  4. Fantastic build man! Really dig how that turned out!

  5. Very nice indeed! I've always loved the way that FW turret looked, and you've put it to good use.