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Friday, 6 June 2014

Vexing question

I have a fight coming up.  In July.  I have reason to believe that the other three players are fielding, respectively, Tau, Eldar and Guard.  So I've narrowed down my choices to:

Templars. Nothing says 'Pleased to meet you' like a violent purge. But I don't have the new SM Codex, which could be a bit of a bind. 4th Ed army list an' all that.

Death Korps.  IA, so no worries about the codex.  And they are fab.  And they don't get out much.

CSM.  Purple armoured spearhead with twiddly bits and deamonettes.  Plus blobs of 'zerkers and termizerkers and bargin bucket of cultists.  Humm, I think this option has legs.

And Eldar.  Best results (for me) with these and I really want to throw the corsairs on the table.

Now, I suspect, if you're reading this, your heart has already decided and you would take the DKK.  But suspend disbelief for a moment, who else would you take ?  No matter how purile your reason, I'd like to know.  Cheers !


  1. There’s already going to be Guard and Eldar on the table, so DKK and Corsairs are out for me. And with no current codex, (Though when has “not being current” stopped your gaming?) Templars probably won’t work.

    I say Chaos. Plus a little purple in anyone’s life is never a bad thing.

  2. If you could find a copy of the codex I'd say Templars - otherwise go Chaos - there needs to be something with power armour down on the table surely!

  3. Lists are easy, just grab battlescribe and set to :)

  4. I suppose if I'm not allowed to pic IG, (who the heck decided that...) I would have to go Templars.

  5. Hmmm...I know you've been itching to get your space elves out, so it'd be nice to see them...and I'm pining to see your DKK in action...but Dai's right, they're both on the table already...but I HATE chaos...so it'd have to be Templars then.

    Bring out the Badger Brigade.

  6. Purple is a beautiful colour, I'm all for Chaos...
    Mind you, space fairies are somewhat in vogue at the moment, might be worth a punt.

  7. Kaos it is. There are less Khornish 'zerkers in my Chaos army than there are in any Templar formation.