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Friday, 11 July 2014

Corbainian 2nd Regiment

OK, so I started with my IG bitzbox.  And then I rescued some 'previously enjoyed' guardsmen from e-bay. All of the grunts here are CESFAW with either a pig iron or defiance games or surplus DKK backpack along with any belt kit I had available, Cadian or Catachen.  Most of them also have a DKK entrenching tool (the 19 Regt boys do not carry one as they hide behind their burning chimerae, rather than digging their own hole).

Company Command Squad with a metal standard bearer (on the left) and Commissar.  When I'd finished with ebay and run out of bits, I sent them off to Raven's Nest Painting Studios, who kindly provided the colour.

Platoon Command Squad with classic metal Cadian officer and the old GW Commissar Gaunt.  Each Platoon is four squads.  One Platoon is three plasma and a missile launcher and the other is three flamers and a grenade launcher.  All three command squads currently have only one GL.  But it's what ever comes out of the box, really.

The other Platoon Command Squad.  The crew served weapons, as you can see from the top picture, are organised into an anti tank squad and a fire support squad.

Eight metal Kasarkin, the Sgt has a Pig Iron officer's head.  I'm hoping that the homogeneity of the colour scheme means that any potential opponent might overlook the fact that these guys are Kasarkin until it is too late.  (Just leave me my illusions, will you ?).

Special Weapon Squad with out any special weapons.  Hey, it gets another six wounds on the table.  These guys are supposed to be a FOO party.  This actually shows the poultron markings pretty well; just halved tactical colours with a FW brass aqilla.

The Kasarkin again, possibly a little better picture.

An infantry squad; this one has a missile launcher and you can see that some of the squad are carrying spare rockets for the launcher.

What these lil'men represent is the Corbainian 2nd IG Regiment or one of the other newer formations raised for 72AG; Comptroller Bellormus has ensured that the supply chain now feeding the Devos IV campaign does so in a more homogeneous fashion, ensuring that units re-equipped in theatre will wear similar uniforms.

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