Playing EPIC in 28mm.

Tuesday, 29 July 2014


Ok, so you may remember this and this.

Here they are with a little colour.

The Troop Command Squad.

The Commissar.  Tough gig.  Ex stormtrooper, commissioned as a commissar then pulls a Death Korps regiment instead of a Cadian or Valhallan one. And then when he gets there, he's put on a horse. Happy days.

Section 1, Ridemaster plus nine.

Section 2, Ridemaster plus nine.

Section 3, Ridemaster plus nine.

So, as far as the DKK go, only the Hydrae and Salamanders to go.


  1. Nice stuff as always Z - the Commissar model always grabs me. I love Commissars and Chaplains in 40K - such a cool concept.

  2. OMG Yes. So awesome! I like the no-nonsense dark colours of the riders - simple and effective. These will be a scary sight bearing down on an enemy on mass. Brilliant.

    (and today I am only one day behind Muppet! I'm gonna catch you soon!)

  3. Sweeeet - Those really turned out looking fantastic!

  4. Yep, really spiffy.

    And slightly scary I mean 27 cavalry? ouch.

  5. Cavalry in 40K was always a fav' aspect of Guard for me. Riding down orks with explosive lance-tips? I'll bring the after jaunt brandy.

    These look pretty sweet.