Playing EPIC in 28mm.

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Bloodcoat bodyguards

So, these fellows are supposed to be some sort of elite within the Devos IV PDF's 99th Infantry Regt.  Hence the power fist and bolt pistol guy leading two long-las and camelioline sharpshooters.

I think these boys have come out slightly better than the officers but are still not quite up to scratch.  I do enjoy the overall effect these guys have, but things like the paint discipline fail where their arms meet the cloak lining is somewhat vexing.  Now, I may have made a rod for my own back choosing the comparatively bright blue, but nonetheless, should have been able to spot and fix that before packing the whole lot away.

Now I've pointed it out, you see it every time, don't you ? tsk.

I like this, he does look suitably sinister.

And the camo on the cloaks worked OK as well.

That's quite possibly it until the annual round up, thanks for watching...


  1. Lovely! Don't castigate yourself over the painting - photos always catch out and magnify little mistakes that would never be seen on the tabletop. Love the camo pattern on the cloaks as well - great work, mate!

    1. What Mord said.

      These minis look fine to me.

  2. Thank you gentlemen; you've got me thinking about next year's grand undertaking.