Playing EPIC in 28mm.

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Full Sized AT AT Progress.

So these are the 'titan' gatling guns for Mark Mandragon's (Ironcore) 15mm models.  I was sort of hoping that they would size up ok for the Vulcan Mega Bolters for my 'counts as' StormLordies.

If you are careful with the glue the multi barrel bit in the middle rotates.  Sgt Kwiz there providing us with a sense of scale.  As you were, Sgt...

This is them blu-tac'd in place on the head of an AT AT.  That broken off bit did get stuck back on an hour or two after this pict was taken.  Hey, the garage can be a dangerous place, y'know !  I'm happy enough with this as a look.  Now all I need to do is identify eight of something the same to use as spacers to mount these babies...

And just for completeness, an all up shot.  Once again, Sgt Kwiz providing us with a sense of scale.  Obviously doesn't completely replicate all of the features of a StormLordie, but bollocks to that, I'm gonna put four of these on the table and stomp my way to their deployment zone before disgorging hordes of iggies into someone else's personal space.

MWA Ha ha ha ha,


  1. Frikken love it. Those 15mm cannons look even better than the stock guns.

  2. Those look absolutely spot-on, mate.

  3. Cheers gents. Now, can I get another three done in the next six months ?