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Tuesday, 5 May 2015

The un-usual world of COSPLAY.

So, I know a couple of LARPers (no names).  LARPing (google it if you don't actually know what LARP is) does by definition include a bit of acting and sleuthing and problem solving etc etc.  Where as COSPLAY seems to just be dressing up.

Picture from here

COSPLAY is popular in Japan, we know.  And it always seemed to me to just involve dressing up as an anime character.  But things evolve.

Idly browsing the interweb I came across these:

Pre enacting the guard

Young lady in various costumes

I used to not care for such things.  But upon reflection, these sorts of things are, perhaps, as much part of the 40k hobby as building an army of little resin, plastic, metal and failcast men.  It certainly takes dedication and effort to craft yourself a proper costume and then a dash of chutzpah to actually wear it somewhere. All good stuff, IMHO.

The browsing showed me a remarkable quantity and standard of artwork out there is quite breath taking.  Which had be thinking about the origin of it all; If you google 'John Blanche' there are a number of blogs and 'sites devoted to show casing the Grimfather's work.

And whoops there goes another two or three hours.  Oh well.

Anyway.  Here are some more people all dressed up: this time from Salute.


  1. My wife has banned me from looking at young ladies dressing up in costumes

  2. I know quite a few cosplayers (many of them highly attractive young ladies...). And yes, it is usually anime, but some (more the boys, as ever) also play 40K, so I wonder if such a cross-over might happen one day. What it has taught me though, is that my days of dressing up for parties (mostly at university) will never be repeated by me - after seeing what these cosplayers do, and the immense effort they put in, I'd be ashamed to dare wear any sort of 'costume'! I'm sure I can cope. ;-)

  3. Wow - that tarantula is something else!