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Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Broken Promises, Shattered Dreams

My rules of Acquisition are not those of the Ferengii, who have loads.   But it's basically that expenditure is only allowed in order to further or finish works already in progress.

So I have broken the rules big time on two occasions so far this year:

I got myself Betrayal at Calth for Christmas (well, no one else was going to buy it for me....)

And then they released this, which Obviously I also had to buy.  Another broken rule.

Now, Black Templars aside, my plan for a Spaze Murheen force has always been for one where every marine was from a different chapter.  I had trawled references and made a list which runs to eight squads or something.

So this should give you a flavour:

Tactical Squad Detail Reference
Imperial Fist P27 SM Codex
Crimson Fist P29 SM Codex
Red Scorpion Br Junt, IA9, P87
Fire Hawk
Salamander Heavy Bolter Br Arion, IA10, P75
Raven Guard Sergeant Sgt Aibek IA8, P108
Exorcist Br Baeliastus IA10, P129
Raptor Legion Br Loa, IA9, P103
Grey Knight Br Asaph, IA7, P102
Red Hunter flamer Br Zlatico, IA7, P106

Now the is nothing in the SM codex which says that all of your marines have to belong to one chapter, that's just how people do it.  People read the fluff and I suppose invest in the fluff and then before the know it they have a dining table full of Howling Griffins or something.

But I'd do it with a sort of rainbow chapter (see what I did there ?) With all of these marines from different chapters.  Now you can do this with a Deathwatch detachment, but these all paint their armour black, except for one arm left in their original chapter colourscheme.  Which sort of defeats the point of having all those different marines.

So 'fluftastically' if I did them in their full chapter regalia, they'd be guys who just turned up at an Ordos Xenos induction and had to quickly react before their initiation.  Or I could do one black arm (possibly with the OX shoulder pad) and they could be a section of Deathwatch about to go back to their parent chapter.  But not the full on the black.

So with a load of left over Mark IV bits from the Black Templars, the Betrayal at Calth dudes and the actually Deathwatch guys from the Overkill game, maybe it's time to revisit my grand plan.

But.  The latest Horus Heresy book provides for Black shield and Shattered Legion forces, which means that I can paint up the Betrayal at Calth guys up in any number of chapter colours (in enamels), roughly overpaint them in black acrylic and then wipe a load of it off,  Hey Presto !  I write my own licence to add in all of those gorgeous FW chapter specific squads, and fold them into the force.

Hummm.  What to do ?  What to do ?  

And sticking with the broken rules, one of these:

6x6 Rapid Assault Vehicle - Complete Kit

Lovely model, and I'd bought a pack of helmet crests for the Blood Pact officers.  So clicking and adding this was sooooo easy.  

And there's these:


To go with the cult from Deathwatch.

And a bunch of laser cut bases and a few odds and ends of paint and varnish.  So now I have to update my mid year update.  Hummm. 


  1. I used to have an Imperial Crusade spess Mahreen army where every squad was from a different chapter. It was affectionately known as the 'Skittles army'.

  2. Hah! Nothing like the occasional impulse buy - and I heartily approve of your choices. I'm a big Heresy evangelist as I'm sure you're aware, and definitely second the Shattered Legions/Blackshields idea. Heck I'm more than a little tempted to do some m'self!

    Digging those malignancy models, the company's pseudo-squats have been on my watch list for a while too...

  3. Not like there's anything better to spend those hobby funds on.

    Cultists are my top choice of your list though.

  4. Good choices. And I sympathise on the impulse buys...

  5. Oh, that vehicle is cute!

    Oh, and if those nice looking 40k boardgames are ready to play, do colour me interested when I'm up...