Playing EPIC in 28mm.

Thursday, 26 May 2016

Ziehen Sie den Finger aus

I've no idea if German speakers actually say that.  Perhaps Marshall Argos could tell us ?  Anyway, back on to the brick of scrutiny in the mid May sunshine. 

This guy, the one above with the plasma pistol, was done by Jeff at PVP.

This man, with the fearsome hand gun and silenced SMG, was coloured in by me.  So these photos were me looking at my WIP and seeing that more needs done.

These guys and the Psykers you'll see in another post or so were painted in the lounge after the smalls have gone to bed.  The lighting is soft, lounge appropriate mood lighting favoured by Mrs Zzzzz.  So this is the first time I've actually seen these in daylight.

I'm reasonably happy; they need the brass buttons doing, a blob of Nuln Oil to the face to colour the 'eyes' and then perhaps the hobnails on the boot of the rifleman.

But this is more or less the end of the DKK - I have only one left unassembled and unpainted and he requires an amount of conversion.


  1. I applaud you sir! Having assembled some DKK in the past, I know that they're a bit.....fiddly (to put it nicely).

  2. I really like the brown and green scheme. The custom guns are a very nice touch too. Our old mate Muppet has been working on some DDoK in a similar scheme, we will have to twist his arm to post a few shots to his blog.

  3. Nice! Good to see you painting your own minis and you've done a solid job matching them to PVP's work.

  4. Seconded, love the custom guns, very subtle and great work. I like the colour scheme too, very nice!

  5. Excellent work, and well matched to Pirate Viking's too.