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Tuesday, 30 August 2016


OK, so over Mordian 7th there was a little bit of chatter about Mord's Deathwatch list.  He's said his vow, taken the black and is off to wall until the Wildings turn up.  Anyway, his list is:

Which obviously is a viable Knight's Watch army.  Did I write that ?  I meant Deathwatch, of course. But it doesn't seem much for three and half thousand points.  I have had a quick play with Battle Scribe.  I won't pretend to know what an "Unbound Army" is, but ten minutes dicking about gave me a viable list which I appear to unable to export by any means known to Adobe.  Oh well

  • Gen Odon with a tricked out command team in a Chimera
  • Three Platoons of three squads of Scions
  • Three Platoons of two squads of Infantry with two mortar teams each
  • Two squadrons of three Valks (with Hellfires) to move it all around 
  • A squadron of three Vendettas
  • Two Avengers with Hellfires
  • Two troops of three hydra platforms
  • a troop of three Leman Russ MBT

3540 points.

I reckon that's enough AT and AA for most situations as well as 121 squishy bodies and 35 semi-hardened bodies for most things.  Admittedly the only pies are the LRMBT and the 18 mortars, but with that many birds in the air, and the ability to pick up nearly all of the army and dump in someone's backyard (esp if you start with as many as possible embarked and in reserve), it should give most pause for thought.

Would you take on Mord's Knight's Watch list with this bunch ?  Of course, you know that I'm not interested in army list top trumps (do you have top trumps where you are ?  Does this reference make sense outside the UK ?);  but these two, at this scale, over 3000 points, are at the scale where it has become viable to field units in the size which armies would deploy.

If you consider a 1250 point engagement - those couple of squads of marines (of either persuasion) are holed up in a building somewhere; the IG, Tau, 'Nids (or even one of the other MEQ armies) is unlikely to send a small force to winkle them out.  Given the resources, you'd send a formation like that list above, or just deploy a blocking force* until you could bring a big enough hammer.

Now I know that in order to have fair pick up games etc that more or less equal points values (nearly everyone I've ever played has not been too bothered about a couple of points either way) but those last stands and unequal ambushes are staples of the fluff.  And fun to play, almost all of the time. I'm just attracted to the bigger picture.

I'm not trying to persuade you one way or the other, its just food for thought.  So there you go, a pointless post about points.

*ie not to attack or engage; just maybe harass from a distance and definitely to run away if seriously compromised.   Their mission is to simply fix the enemy in place until the big hammer arrives.


  1. We do have a 'Trump' who wants to be on top, but we don't like to talk about it...

    1. !

      But, but, but - did the reference make sense ?

  2. I love the idea of small elite forces vs the human (or alien) horde. Very fun.

    1. Yep. Grinding battles of attrition can be made engaging (as demonstrated by Mr Abnett), but even then, as you allude to, mostly as an ambush or commando raids within those larger grinding battles.

  3. Hah! Your wildling list would absolutely take apart my knight's watch for sure. The airpower alone would likely do the trick, one of the major gaps in the DW list seems to be a distinct lack of AA, and with the Corvus clocking in at 200+ points once it's kitted out it's going to be outmatched quite fast by cheaper albeit more numerous flyers.

    It seems that the DW would be ideal for small Zone Mortalis/Kill Team type games, but as the points go up the super-elite nature of the deathwatch becomes a detriment, balance-wise.

    Fun to paint, though!

    1. It's somewhat nice that armies which are supposed to be large (ie the GEQ) seem to work best (ie be harder to win with at smaller points values [at least for me]) at Apoc sized armies. And that the superhuman hyper elite types begin to suffer at those sorts of sizes. The mechanics of the game sort of mirror the fluff. Go figure. Anyone would think that those game designer types knew what they were doing....