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Sunday, 14 August 2016

Possible Blood Pact Stalk Tank ?


So I saw this and thought "Great, its Warlord Games so these things are going to be convertable and affordable." ie plastic.  But they arn't, they're £22 and metal.  Ho hum.

I suppose if Bolt Action Konflict 47 catches on, they'll eventually be released in plastic.  Which is good.

Spinne Light Panzermech

At any rate, imagine it with all manner of sentinel armament and the pilot wearing a grotesque mask and outrageous hat.  Now £22ish is not in itself too much for a vehicle model, but I'm imagining a small detachment of these to go-a-scouting and/or provide a flanking screen for the Blood Pact.  So I'll have to keep my beady eye on them and see if BAK47 takes off to the extent that these are released in plastic...


  1. Interesting model, would work fine with mechanicum also, but metal, that seams a bit old fashioned and hard to work with, especially if any conversion work is to be done.

  2. I'm with these guys!

    Pity though...

  3. I assume you saw these... http://www.dustgame.com/ufiles/Dust-DTP059-03.jpg

    screams Bloodcoat Stalk tank to me..