Playing EPIC in 28mm.

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Imperial Air Power

Just to credit the artists, Karitas put one of these together and the paint is by Jeff at PVP.  

I had a little time to myself and thought I'd get some toys out and share the love:  My Thunderbolts.  These are big ol' things, for 40K model flyers.  Compared with anything else I've seen Thunderbolts have heft and presence, even compared to bigger models. 

A decent pict of #9.  As anyone who has read Mr Abnett's Battle of Britain story will know, they use the quad autocannons dog fighting and the TL las cannons to strafe.  The thunderbolt is a heavily armed and armoured airframe.  You wouldn't want to get in front of one.

Then the pair.  Of course they hunt in pairs. And not just with their integral weapons.  They 'go equipped' as the local law enforcement authorities here would say.

And what more stylish manner could there be of putting eight hellfires on the table ?  Hunting for tanks.

Zoom.  Whoosh.  Eeeeeeoooooooooooww.  pew pewpew.

Would this ever be worth the points ?  What ?!?! am I kidding ? Who cares ?

1000 kg on the centre line with two 750kg free fall bombs on the inboard pylons.  This option really needs dive bombing rules (gotta sort an avenger/stuka at some point)

500kg on each pylon. Because bombs.  For when I just want to daisy chain blast markers across the board.  'Cause it's cinematic.  Presumably in eighth, this doesn't happen.  They just land with a splat.

Hunting other things; 'cause CAP are not all about sitting in the cab rank, waiting for an FAC to call you onto a target.  4x 50kg unguided GA rockets and 4x much bigger and more expensive AAM.  Because sometimes they might need to shoot something down...


  1. Very cool - I'd love to get itself a pair of these one day!!

  2. Awesome! The Thunderbolt has always been my favorite of the Imperial flyers.

    1. Mine as well. Why this has never been turned into a plastic kit has always baffled me.

  3. Lovely! Always liked these (and the Maurauder Destroyer!). Double Eagle is one of my favourite books.

  4. I'll send ya my mailing address, please send 'em my way at your earliest convenience!


    1. If you do, Cheef might actually start an IG army (again)! ;)

  5. O those are rather splendid indeed. Always liked those aircraft, fun bulldog-ish design.

    The scheme you had yours painted up in is excellent. Where's the Marauder they should be escorting?

  6. Those are looking very sharp!