Playing EPIC in 28mm.

Sunday, 21 January 2018

Armoured Anti Air Artillery

This this the first troop (half battery) of HVM AAA.  These are the Ratguard Vampyrm SAM conversion kits (arrived from China, possibly HK in two weeks) and the rear doors and track guards from Models and Minis (arrived from the USA, in the best part of eight months). 

Admiral Drax very kindly put the relatively complex Ratguard kits together for me, just as he did with the last ones.  Anyway, the rain and high winds went somewhere else for a few hours so these three drove out to the BoS to see if they'd left the rest of the missiles out there somewhere.

Eight Months !!!!!

Obviously only one of these is wearing it's "bat's teeth" missiles.  For those of you unaware, the Manticore in IA1 could fire either ground attacking missiles as an artillery barrage, like the 'new' one does but without the insane random missile game mechanic (really GW ? scared to let normal human beings have viable weapons ?) or Anti Aircraft missiles.  So this conversion kit reflects that.

Now I have to go back into the garage and see if I can find those STuGs.....


  1. They are beautiful kits. Loads of resin chunks to carve off, but loads of spare bits too. And just lovely, solid sculpts.

  2. Awesome - Those look fantastic!

  3. I do like your alternative versions stuff.